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Review posted by jabkny212 on at

Very Good Add-On

I like and appreciate this add-on. I am using it as a testimonial slider.
Review posted by banditetr on at

Nice - simple and easy

I give you 4 Stars even when others have some problems with it.
That's because you need a "non aggressive" theme like Newsprint or the C5 basic designs. If you use a theme with a lot of custom/high effective CSS like Serendipity or Framework then this Add-On works not or only in some areas when you don't use other gallery or slideshows on the same page.
Review posted by DeviantDeer on at

Formally, a great add-on

This was a great add-on when I first installed. Now, I can't edit spins its wheels and never loads the edit interface. I am not the only one experiencing this according to the support forum. I hope it gets back up and running, it was perfect for my site's sponsor listing.

Before 1.0.1

Review posted by kspitzley on at

Simple, great carousel add-on

I have been remiss in not reviewing this, probably because like most people I take it for granted being free and all...but this nifty little carousel is all you need for a simple list of images with links.

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