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I can't get anything to flag up on the map as the geolocations won't save in the locations

I do need these to display



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MichaelG replied on at Permalink Reply
What exactly do you mean they won't save? When you enter your address, you click the button to get your geolocation, and it populates the two fields, correct?
mveasey7568 replied on at Permalink Reply

Well I go into the locations area on the dashboard, hit the button to get the location and then save. If I go back into the location it has lost the geocode so the location doesn't get shown in the map (and the map then sets itself to some island off New Zealand!)

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mveasey7568 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Yes they get populated.

But when I save and go back in again it is blank again.


mveasey7568 replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment

I enter an address (UK) in the location and click to get the lat and long which works fine. If I then save the location it doesn't save - I go back into it and the location coordinates are lost which in turn means that the location doesn't display on the map and the map defaults to a location in the middle of the ocean off New Zealand (and no where near the london locations

Screenshot attached


mveasey7568 replied on at Permalink Reply
I would appreciate some help with this - otherwise I will have to request a refund and install an alternative


mveasey7568 replied on at Permalink Reply
Formal Refund Request: Please grant me a refund for the license assigned to this support request.

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