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My web hosting company emailed me to say that I was at 88% of my INODE allowance. I hadn't a clue what this meant bu…


Website Optimizer is the perfect tool for cleaning your concrete5 database and files/directories, to let your website run at maximum efficiency. This tool will sum everything up for you, you can check some checkboxes and let it do its thing. It’s up to you to optimize bits and pieces, we don’t force anything nor automate anything. YOU are in control here.

So free up valuable Megabytes (MBs) worth of data on both your FTP/hard disk and your database. Keep your website clean and start optimizing. Increase the speed and efficiency of your website! Do not forget to make backups of both database and files every time BEFORE you start optimizing though. That will save you trouble, in case you accidentally removed a trashed page you want to retrieve or an inactive user or things alike.


  • Remove Awaiting Installation Block Types (since they aren’t installed yet, they probably won’t ever be if on a live website);
  • Remove Never Used Block Types (block types that are installed, but were never used, in any of the available pages/page versions);
  • Remove Unapproved, Spam and/or Deleted “Conversations”;
  • Unused database tables (tables that could not be found in any of the installed Add-Ons nor in the core of concrete5, so they probably belong to uninstalled Block Types/Add-Ons);
  • Remove Temporary Files (these temporary files are mostly downloaded updates after “auto-updating” concrete5 or files written by other third-party Add-Ons – you can see a complete list of these files);
  • Remove Incoming Files (there is an “incoming” directory where files can be put, to get them easier into the “Files” of your website – they probably aren’t needed anymore or navigate to “Dashboard - Files”, click “Upload Files” and click the “Incoming Directory” tab to actually import them into the Files);
  • Remove File Leftovers (when you replace files, a new version gets added, but when you remove a version, the file itself won't be deleted, same goes for when you delete Thumbnail Types - the generated thumbnails remain in your installation);
  • Remove Empty File Sets (File Sets can be created under “Files – File Sets”, but they appear to be empty/have no files assigned to them);
  • Remove Application Logs;
  • Remove Exceptions Logs;
  • Remove Sent Emails Logs;
  • Remove Awaiting Installation Packages (since they aren’t installed yet, they probably won’t ever be if on a live website);
  • Remove Trash Pages (pages that were deleted, get moved to the “Trash” so you can recover them – if they remain in the trash, you probably don’t ever need them anymore);
  • Remove Draft Pages (pages that were created in “Edit Mode”, but never actually got published – they get moved to Draft and stay here until you actually publish them);
  • Remove Page Versions (versions that are not the most recent 10 nor the active one, so a lot of versions behind the latest created);
  • Remove Empty Stacks (stacks that currently got no Blocks in them, but they may have had them in the past – delete with caution – available for concrete5 version 5.7.5 and higher only);
  • Remove Former Updates (previous installed updates remain on your FTP/hard disk, which can take up to 100MB per update);
  • Remove Inactive Users (users that have the “inactive” status assigned to them);
  • Remove Unvalidated Users (users that have registered on your website, but haven’t confirmed their email address);

Where can you find Website Optimizer once installed? Go to:

Dashboard – System & Settings – Optimization – Website Optimizer.

Or use the “Search” box in the toolbar and type in “Website Optimizer”.


This Add-On, nor the creator, can be held responsible for damages or loss after optimizing YOUR website. It is you who chooses to optimize the website, so act carefully.

Current Version: 1.0.4
Fully Translatable: Yes
Needs External Libraries: No
Compatible 5.7.3+
License: Standard
Support Response: Replies to tickets every few days.
Support Hosted: On
Needs extra server permissions: No
Needs Internet: No
Marketplace Tests:
Passed Automated Tests
Passed PRB Review