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Before 1.2.0

Review posted by thephilm on at

Worked Perfectly

Worked exactly as described. Default template was perfect, with a small adjustment to match the comp.
Saved me a few hours of having to do it by hand, and better for the client!
Very good interface, easy to setup, very intuitive.

1.2.0 -

Review posted by chai714 on at

Are you kidding me?

Set this up in about 3 minutes. Works out of the box BETTER than described. Scales down responsively but adding a few CSS lines makes it even better. 5 stars, awesome job on this plugin!

1.3.0 -

Review posted by thebigideasman on at

Fab add on and superb support

I highly recommend this add-on and the developer too. The add-on is really easy to use and when I had a query (not a bug) and wanted the the add-on to work slightly differently to help with my sites SEO, the developer was straight on it and gave me two simple solutions, the last of which resolved my issue perfectly and within an hour of asking too.

Who could ask for more.

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