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Where Is My Block?


Adds a dashboard page that allows you to search for pages that contain a specific block type.


Access the search form via DashboardStacks & BlocksWhere Is My Block


What kind of pages will be searched/blocks can be searched for?
Any type of page (dashboard or front end) that you have read access to (except versioned pages).

Any internal (dashboard), core or 3rd party blocks can be searched.

Why can't I see <page name here>?
Chances are your user account doesn't have read access to that page.

Why does the number of blocks on a page sometimes appear incorrect?
While I check the current user's read permission for every page, I skip checking the permissions on every single block on said page (to avoid huge performance costs).

Depending on your site, you may have read access to a page, but not all of the blocks on it.

I have an older version of concrete5, but your add-on doesn't support it. Any chance you have an older version lying around?
I may have stable releases for older versions of concrete5 available for download.

If the version you're looking for is not available AND I get enough requests for it I will make an unofficial stable release.

Hey, I'm a coder and I'd like to submit code and/or raise an issue I found with the code base - where can I do this?
Since this add-on is (and always will be) free, I've made it available as a public repository on GitHub. Feel free to submit any issues/pull requests.

I downloaded your add-on and I noticed a movie quote in the thank you message. Where is that from?
KungFu Panda.


- Eric Shelkie (@shelkie) for finding faults in my early form design.
- Ryan Gravito (ryangravito.com) for designing the package icon.
JohnTheFish & Remo for helping test the early beta versions and challenging my coding decisions.
- jshannon for code suggestions
- Remo for the German translation

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