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Witwag Tag Cloud

New version 1.3 ready for Concrete5 v 5.5.0 and above, completely revamped. Now uses C5 own tags system.

Witwag Tag Cloud, based on WP-Cumulus by Roy Tanck, allows you to display a tag cloud in 3D, using a dynamically generated Flash movie. Try it out, it's cool. 

The new version 1.3 uses Concrete5's core tag system based on attributes. It's so simple your grandma could use it. 

A word of warning : being an Adobe Flash-based solution, this addon does not display anything on iOS devices and on some other mobile OS. We should port it to pure CSS one of these days.

You can : 

  • Display (or not) a title
  • Choose to display the page's tags only, or all tags across the site,
  • Add or delete tags from current page
  • Choose the tags color (default color, on rollover, less important)
  • Choose rotation speed
  • Distribute tags along a virtual 3D sphere
  • Result page created by default or you can link to your own page (use the core  Search addon)
To edit all tags, go to your dasboard >Pages and Themes>Attrributes>Tags or example.com/index.php/dashboard/pages/attributes/
If it does not work and you see the following text :
Error: The required page attribute with the handle of: "tags" doesn't exist
just follow the steps described in the... step-by-step video here 

If you are looking for the previous versions, check the History page (see right column)





Sales have ended due to EOL

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