HELP it screwed up my page

When you used this addon, and now your page is all scewed up, there can be a few things happening.

But first, let's see if we can make your page work.

  1. Try to go in edit mode. If you can do that, you are fine and you can go straigth to identifying the problem.
  2. You cannot go into edit mode. Try to revert the page. You can read about versions here.
  3. You cannot revert the page the normal way, try reverting the sitemap way.
    1. Go to <yoursite>/index.php/dashboard/sitemap/full
    2. Now find the page, and click it
    3. Find versions and click that
    4. Select the newest version by clicking on it.
    5. Click remove
    6. Your page should be reverted now.
  4. If that didn't help, you can always try uninstalling the addon.

But what is wrong?

Either this template you are using is using some kind of javascript of css selectors that are incompatble with the wrapper this addon creates, or is using some bad html markup, some other addon is incompatible, or some alien is trying to take over the world starting with your page.

As the last possebility is very unlikely we will focus on the other ones.

If the css or js selectors are incompatible this is easy to fix if you have access to the code.
You can find the selector messing things up, and rewrite it to target the element you want to control or style.

For the second. You can try running your page trough a html checkup like the w3c validator (

For the third one, you can try to identify the addon that is incompatible, and contact both authors.