A small 'How-to' text would help the 'non-coding' user

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Thanks for your quick reply. It works like a charm now. The only thing I can add -for non coders- to your response is that the block only needs the name of the style (my_style will work, .my_style doesn't. Five stars now for this very usefull block!

I see the potential of this block. It is probably the solution for a problem that I can't tackle until now. But I do need some extra information / example on how to get this working i.e.

I can enter the name of a style in the Wrap Anything opening block but I don't know where the style itself should be placed to get it to work... (full 5 star rating will be there as soon as know how to make this work ;-))

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companyou replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey hhockx,

To style the block you can either add the styles to your less files in the appriopriate Theme.
Or you can use the block design function in Concrete5 itself.
You can read more about that feature here:

I hope this answers your question. If not, feel free to eloborate.