Version History

V0.9.0 - initial PRB submission

V0.9.1 - PRB submission:
        - routed through c5
        - no physical file i/o (except for ZIP file access)
        - DB based cache
        - alternative: c5 cache/expensive (choose in on_start() of pkg controller, line 82)
        - thumbnails loaded (from cache) as base64 images on ZIP file info request

V0.9.2 - PRB submission:
        - exif bug corrected
        - ramonleenders' coding comments considered
        - John's hints concerning dahsboard actions on installation added

V0.9.3 - controller version check update

V0.9.4 - json_encode option error prior to PHP 5.5.0 fixed

V0.9.5 - inhibit download of images