To Set Up the Mosaic

  • Add a page list to an editable area anywhere on your site
  • Set page list settings as desired and save
  • Click on page list block, then on custom templates
  • Select Mosaic Portfolio custom template and save

To Make it Sortable

  • Add another page list with same settings somewhere else on the same page
  • Set custom template to Mosaic Portfolio sort
At this point you should have a rough outline of a mosaic, but there may not be any pictures. 
To Add Pictures
  • Go to the sitemap and click on the page you want to set a picture for
  • Select Properties, and then Custom Attributes
  • Scroll down and click the Page Thumbnail Option on the left
  • Scroll back up and select choose file
  • An image manager should pop up. Select the photo you want to be the background for that page in the mosaic and save
  • You can also add tags which will appear in the mosaic in the same tab
  • The description for the mosaic can be set from the Standard Properties tab of the same popup as above
There is no required size for these images, but if the image is too wide or tall it may be cropped slightly

To Change Color Scheme

  • Go to the dashboard and search "Airstream Settings"
  • Click on first result
  • Set desired color scheme and save

To Edit Customizable Styles

Click here