Version History

2.1.1 - change logo on mobile bar

- fix mega-menu class when content is keeper from page

- add .text-white-color class

2.1- Two-nog-gap layout is now responsive

- Now don’t install multiple same stack

- Area-space is more responsible

- Area on top of parallax can be now edited

- Page wrapped is now responsive

2.0.1- Add argument to install function

2.0- Release of the new generation.

1.2.4- Fix the full screen nav home icon url

1.2.3 - Fix the ccm-page background

1.2.1- Add Thumbnail types in installer

- Fix Attribute installer settings for files

1.2- Add Boxed layout mode

1.1- Add MCL Installer

1.0- Add tiny thumbnail type

- Improve Masonry

- Add link to feature views

- Add accordions

- Add Parallax feature

- Add page-list sliders

- Change default colors theme

- Add dynamic css height on custom classes

0.9.2 - Fix the color propagation of colors on ccm-ui - Add CHANGELOG.txt