Custom templates for blocks

Custom templates change the look and feel of a block. If you're new on this check this


Anitya Breadcrumb

Displays a Breadcrumb responsive. It can be displayed as well as anywhere perfectly adapts to the size of the container.

Anitya Header

Used for display navigation in the main navigation at the top of the site.

Anitya Horizontal boxes

Displays a nice horizontal navigation block. Adapted especially for the Area "Sub header»

Anitya Responsive Full Screen

This template is only used for navigation on mobile. There is an Area "Responsive Navigation" reserved for him at the top of each page.

Anitya Vertical Boxes

Same as horizontal boxes but this time vertically, surprising right?


Anitya Long Shadow Box

This template will display the icon in a square the size of its container. It is suitable in structure to three or four columns.

Anitya Long Shadow Box Flip

Same as the previous QUF that the text is in front of the icon with a nice effect Flip

Anitya Long Shadow

Another way to show your icon

Anitya Tiny Box Long Shadow

was created to feature vertically stacked. She appeared with a Flip effect on the page.


Anitya Header

Was designed to help you manage the image of the top banner with a picture block rather than attribute 'thumbnail. The height of the image will be removed from the "maximum height adjustment of picture box. More in category structure.


Anitya Blog

Allows you to display the buttons in the style of Anita.


Anitya Date event

designed for calendars where the text is important.

Anitya Date Based Image

designed for calendars where the image is important.

Based anitya Image

designed for portfolio, where image is important.

Based anitya Text

Was designed to display news, blog, any page where the text is more important than the image.


Anitya Button

Displays the buttons in the style of Anitya


Big anitya

Displays large icons


Anitya Small Box

Designed to display multiple block

Anitya Box

Designed to highlight the most important evidence.


Anitya Accordion

Display issues in an accordion.