Call to undefined method Concrete\Core\File\Image\Thumbnail\Type\Type::setName()

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I am getting this error while installing the theme.
Please advise.
Thank you,


Type: Pre-Sale
Status: In Progress
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ConverSEO replied on at Permalink Reply
I have the same error and then I can not get back into the backend.

In the dashboard I get the following error "Call to a member function getStyleValueList () on null"

Is there already a solution
SeanDevoy replied on at Permalink Reply
Me too.
SeanDevoy replied on at Permalink Reply
Me too.

concrete5 Environment Information

Environment & details:
Version 8.0.0
Installed Version 8.0.0
Concrete Configuration
concrete.version 8.0.0
concrete.version_installed 8.0.0
concrete.version_db 20161109000000
concrete.installed true
concrete.locale en_US
concrete.charset UTF-8
concrete.maintenance_mode false
concrete.debug.display_errors true
concrete.debug.detail debug null
concrete.proxy.port null
concrete.proxy.user null
concrete.proxy.password null
concrete.upload.extensions *.flv;*.jpg;*.gif;*.jpeg;*.ico;*.docx;*.xla;*.png;*.psd;*.swf;*.doc;*.txt;*.xls;*.xlsx;*.csv;*.pdf;*.tiff;*.rtf;*.m4a;*.mov;*.wmv;*.mpeg;*.mpg;*.wav;*.3gp;*.avi;*.m4v;*.mp4;*.mp3;*.qt;*.ppt;*.pptx;*.kml;*.xml;*.svg;*.webm;*.ogg;*.ogv
concrete.interface.panel.page_relations false
concrete.mail.method PHP_MAIL
concrete.cache.enabled true
concrete.cache.lifetime 21600
concrete.cache.overrides true
concrete.cache.blocks true
concrete.cache.assets false
concrete.cache.theme_css true
concrete.cache.pages false
concrete.cache.doctrine_dev_mode false
concrete.cache.full_page_lifetime default
concrete.cache.full_page_lifetime_value null
concrete.cache.full_contents_assets_hash false /home2/nowonus/public_html/
concrete.cache.directory_relative null /home2/nowonus/public_html/ file
concrete.cache.environment.file environment.cache
concrete.cache.levels.expensive.drivers.core_ephemeral.class \Stash\Driver\Ephemeral
concrete.cache.levels.expensive.drivers.core_filesystem.class \Stash\Driver\FileSystem
concrete.cache.levels.expensive.drivers.core_filesystem.options.path /home2/nowonus/public_html/
concrete.cache.levels.expensive.drivers.core_filesystem.options.dirPermissions 493
concrete.cache.levels.expensive.drivers.core_filesystem.options.filePermissions 420
concrete.cache.levels.object.drivers.core_ephemeral.class \Stash\Driver\Ephemeral
concrete.multilingual.redirect_home_to_default_locale false
concrete.multilingual.use_browser_detected_locale false
concrete.multilingual.default_locale false
concrete.multilingual.default_source_locale en_US true true
concrete.log.emails true
concrete.log.errors true
concrete.log.spam false
concrete.log.queries.log false
concrete.log.queries.clear_on_reload false true
concrete.filesystem.temp_directory null
concrete.filesystem.permissions.file 420 493 true concrete5-noreply@concrete5 false null null null null
concrete.marketplace.enabled true
concrete.marketplace.request_timeout 30
concrete.marketplace.token null
concrete.marketplace.site_token null
concrete.marketplace.intelligent_search true
concrete.marketplace.log_requests false
concrete.external.intelligent_search_help true
concrete.external.news_overlay false true
concrete.misc.user_timezones false
concrete.misc.package_backup_directory /home2/nowonus/public_html/
concrete.misc.enable_progressive_page_reindex true
concrete.misc.mobile_theme_id 0
concrete.misc.sitemap_approve_immediately true
concrete.misc.enable_translate_locale_en_us false
concrete.misc.page_search_index_lifetime 259200
concrete.misc.enable_trash_can true
concrete.misc.app_version_display_in_header true
concrete.misc.default_jpeg_image_compression 80
concrete.misc.help_overlay true
concrete.misc.require_version_comments false
concrete.misc.login_redirect DESKTOP
concrete.misc.access_entity_updated 1480703317
concrete.misc.default_anitya_preset_id 2
concrete.misc.latest_version 8.0.0
concrete.theme.compress_preprocessor_output true
concrete.theme.generate_less_sourcemap false
concrete.updates.enable_auto_update_packages false
concrete.updates.enable_permissions_protection true
concrete.updates.check_threshold 172800
concrete.paths.trash /!trash
concrete.paths.drafts /!drafts
concrete.icons.page_template.width 120
concrete.icons.page_template.height 90
concrete.icons.theme_thumbnail.width 120
concrete.icons.theme_thumbnail.height 90
concrete.icons.file_manager_listing.handle file_manager_listing
concrete.icons.file_manager_listing.width 60
concrete.icons.file_manager_listing.height 60
concrete.icons.file_manager_detail.handle file_manager_detail
concrete.icons.file_manager_detail.width 400
concrete.icons.user_avatar.width 80
concrete.icons.user_avatar.height 80
concrete.icons.user_avatar.default /~nowonus/
concrete.file_manager.images.use_exim_data_to_rotate_images false
concrete.file_manager.images.manipulation_library gd
concrete.file_manager.results 10
concrete.search_users.results 10
concrete.sitemap_xml.file sitemap.xml
concrete.sitemap_xml.frequency weekly
concrete.sitemap_xml.priority 0.5
concrete.accessibility.toolbar_titles false
concrete.accessibility.toolbar_large_font false
concrete.accessibility.display_help_system true
concrete.i18n.choose_language_login false
concrete.urls.background_feed //
concrete.urls.paths.menu_help_service /tools/get_remote_help_list/
concrete.urls.paths.site_page /private/sites
concrete.urls.paths.newsflow_slot_content /tools/slot_content/
concrete.urls.paths.marketplace.connect /marketplace/connect
concrete.urls.paths.marketplace.connect_success /marketplace/connect/-/connected
concrete.urls.paths.marketplace.connect_validate /marketplace/connect/-/validate
concrete.urls.paths.marketplace.connect_new_token /marketplace/connect/-/generate_token
concrete.urls.paths.marketplace.checkout /cart/-/add/
concrete.urls.paths.marketplace.purchases /marketplace/connect/-/get_available_licenses
concrete.urls.paths.marketplace.item_information /marketplace/connect/-/get_item_information
concrete.urls.paths.marketplace.item_free_license /marketplace/connect/-/enable_free_license
concrete.urls.paths.marketplace.remote_item_list /marketplace/
concrete.white_label.logo false false
concrete.white_label.dashboard_background null CONCRETE5
concrete.session.handler file
concrete.session.save_path null
concrete.session.max_lifetime 7200
concrete.session.cookie.cookie_path false
concrete.session.cookie.cookie_lifetime 0
concrete.session.cookie.cookie_domain false
concrete.session.cookie.cookie_secure false
concrete.session.cookie.cookie_httponly true
concrete.user.registration.enabled false
concrete.user.registration.type disabled
concrete.user.registration.captcha true
concrete.user.registration.email_registration false
concrete.user.registration.validate_email false
concrete.user.registration.approval false
concrete.user.registration.notification false 50
concrete.user.username.maximum 64
concrete.user.username.minimum 3
concrete.user.username.allow_spaces false
concrete.user.password.maximum 128
concrete.user.password.minimum 5
concrete.user.password.hash_portable false
concrete.user.password.hash_cost_log2 12
concrete.user.private_messages.throttle_max 20
concrete.user.private_messages.throttle_max_timespan 15
concrete.spam.whitelist_group 0
concrete.spam.notify_email true true true 5 300 10 SAMEORIGIN
concrete.permissions.forward_to_login true
concrete.permissions.model simple
concrete.seo.tracking.code_position bottom
concrete.seo.exclude_words a, an, as, at, before, but, by, for, from, is, in, into, like, of, off, on, onto, per, since, than, the, this, that, to, up, via, with
concrete.seo.url_rewriting false
concrete.seo.url_rewriting_all false
concrete.seo.redirect_to_canonical_url false
concrete.seo.canonical_url null
concrete.seo.canonical_ssl_url null
concrete.seo.trailing_slash false
concrete.seo.title_format %2$s :: %1$s
concrete.seo.title_segment_separator ::
concrete.seo.page_path_separator -
concrete.seo.group_name_separator /
concrete.seo.segment_max_length 128
concrete.seo.paging_string ccm_paging_p
concrete.statistics.track_downloads true
concrete.limits.sitemap_pages 100
concrete.limits.delete_pages 100
concrete.limits.copy_pages 10
concrete.limits.page_search_index_batch 200
concrete.limits.job_queue_batch 10
concrete.limits.style_customizer.size_min -50
concrete.limits.style_customizer.size_max 200 false
concrete.version_db_installed 20161109000000
concrete.editor.plugins.selected.0 themefontcolor
concrete.editor.plugins.selected.1 themeclips
GET Data empty
POST Data empty
Files empty
CONCRETE5 csl2n3bqb36fvfu2doiocbvsj7
__utma 267305096.1801170699.1479767442.1479767442.1479767442.1
__utmz 267305096.1479767442.1.1.utmcsr=(direct)|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)
_sf2_attributes Array ( [uID] => 1 [uName] => admin [uBlockTypesSet] => [uLastOnline] => 1480712685 [uTimezone] => [uDefaultLanguage] => [uLastPasswordChange] => 2016-12-02 11:27:32 [accessEntitiesUpdated] => 1480703328 [uGroups] => Array ( [2] => 2 [1] => 1 ) [CLIENT_REMOTE_ADDR] => [CLIENT_HTTP_USER_AGENT] => Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:50.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/50.0 [uOnlineCheck] => 1480712721 [frontendPreviousPageID] => 1 [accessEntities] => Array ( [0] => Concrete\Core\Permission\Access\Entity\GroupEntity Object ( [group:protected] => Concrete\Core\User\Group\Group Object ( [ctID] => [permissionSet] => [permissions:Concrete\Core\User\Group\Group:private] => Array ( ) [error] => [gID] => 1 [gName] => Guest [gDescription] => The guest group represents unregistered visitors to your site. [gUserExpirationIsEnabled] => 0 [gUserExpirationMethod] => [gUserExpirationSetDateTime] => [gUserExpirationInterval] => 0 [gUserExpirationAction] => [gIsBadge] => 0 [gBadgeFID] => 0 [gBadgeDescription] => [gBadgeCommunityPointValue] => 0 [gIsAutomated] => 0 [gCheckAutomationOnRegister] => 0 [gCheckAutomationOnLogin] => 0 [gCheckAutomationOnJobRun] => 0 [gPath] => /Guest [pkgID] => 0 ) [error] => [petID] => 1 [peID] => 2 [petHandle] => group [label] => Guest ) [1] => Concrete\Core\Permission\Access\Entity\GroupEntity Object ( [group:protected] => Concrete\Core\User\Group\Group Object ( [ctID] => [permissionSet] => [permissions:Concrete\Core\User\Group\Group:private] => Array ( ) [error] => [gID] => 2 [gName] => Registered Users [gDescription] => The registered users group represents all user accounts. [gUserExpirationIsEnabled] => 0 [gUserExpirationMethod] => [gUserExpirationSetDateTime] => [gUserExpirationInterval] => 0 [gUserExpirationAction] => [gIsBadge] => 0 [gBadgeFID] => 0 [gBadgeDescription] => [gBadgeCommunityPointValue] => 0 [gIsAutomated] => 0 [gCheckAutomationOnRegister] => 0 [gCheckAutomationOnLogin] => 0 [gCheckAutomationOnJobRun] => 0 [gPath] => /Registered Users [pkgID] => 0 ) [error] => [petID] => 1 [peID] => 6 [petHandle] => group [label] => Registered Users ) [2] => Concrete\Core\Permission\Access\Entity\UserEntity Object ( [uID:protected] => 1 [error] => [petID] => 2 [peID] => 7 [petHandle] => user [label] => admin ) [3] => Concrete\Core\Permission\Access\Entity\PageOwnerEntity Object ( [error] => [petID] => 5 [peID] => 3 [petHandle] => page_owner [label] => Page Owner ) ) [dashboardMenus] => Array ( [en_US] =>

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) [anitya.options] => stdClass Object ( [responsive] => 1 [layout_mode] => wide-wrapper [display_searchbox] => 0 [display_responsive_searchbox] => 1 [first_level_nav_icon] => 1 [auto_hidde_top_bar] => 0 [header_nav_selected_bar_wheight] => 6 [nav_multicolumns_item_per_column] => 5 [break_columns_on_child] => 1 [display_logo_mobile_nav] => 0 [display_main_logo_on_mobile] => 0 [full_screen_nav_font_size] => 20 [mmenu_theme] => light [mmenu_position] => left [mmenu_shadow] => 0 [mmenu_display_icon] => 0 [display_title_mega_menu] => 0 [display_footer] => 1 [display_footer_column] => half_two [footer_global] => 1 [footer_credit] => Designed by MyConcreteLab Powered by concrete5 [disable_footer_login] => 0 [popup_content_start_css] => opacity: 0; transform: translateY(-20px) perspective( 2000px ) rotateX( 10deg ); [popup_content_animate_css] => opacity: 1; transform: translateY(0) perspective( 600px ) rotateX( 0 ); [popup_content_out_css] => opacity: 0; transform: translateY(-20px) perspective( 2000px ) rotateX( 10deg ); [popup_button_type] => button-push [popup_button_color] => button-primary [fix_iframe_zindex] => 0 [carousel_slidesToShow] => 3 [carousel_margin] => 10 [carousel_dots] => 1 [carousel_arrows] => 1 [carousel_infinite] => 0 [carousel_centerMode] => 0 [carousel_adaptiveHeight] => 1 [carousel_autoplay] => 1 [carousel_speed] => 300 [carousel_autoplaySpeed] => 5000 [carousel_meta] => 1 [stack_carousel_slidesToShow] => 3 [stack_carousel_margin] => 10 [stack_carousel_dots] => 1 [stack_carousel_arrows] => 1 [stack_carousel_infinite] => 0 [stack_carousel_centerMode] => 0 [stack_carousel_adaptiveHeight] => 1 [stack_carousel_autoplay] => 1 [stack_carousel_speed] => 300 [stack_carousel_autoplaySpeed] => 5000 [image_slider_effect] => fxSoftScale [image_slider_slidesToShow] => 1 [image_slider_margin] => 10 [image_slider_dots] => 1 [image_slider_arrows] => 1 [image_slider_infinite] => 0 [image_slider_adaptiveHeight] => 1 [image_slider_autoplay] => 1 [image_slider_autoplaySpeed] => 5000 [image_slider_speed] => 300 [p_font] => Roboto+Slab [p_variants] => 300,regular,700 [p_variants_selected] => 300 [p_subset] => latin [alternate_font] => Shadows+Into+Light [alternate_variants] => regular [alternate_variants_selected] => regular [alternate_subset] => latin [h1_font] => Oswald [h1_variants] => 300,regular,700 [h1_variants_selected] => regular [h1_subset] => latin [h2_font] => Oswald [h2_variants] => regular [h2_variants_selected] => regular [h2_subset] => latin [h3_font] => Oswald [h3_variants] => regular [h3_variants_selected] => regular [h3_subset] => latin [h4_font] => Roboto+Slab [h4_variants] => 700 [h4_variants_selected] => 700 [h4_subset] => latin [h5_font] => Roboto+Slab [h5_variants] => 700 [h5_variants_selected] => 700 [h5_subset] => latin [h6_font] => Roboto+Slab [h6_variants] => 700 [h6_variants_selected] => 700 [h6_subset] => latin [small_font] => Roboto+Condensed [small_variants] => 300 [small_variants_selected] => 300 [small_subset] => latin [h1_size] => 50 [h2_size] => 38 [h3_size] => 28 [h4_size] => 21 [h5_size] => 16 [h6_size] => 16 [lead_size] => 14 [alternate_size] => 0.8 [small_tag_size] => 0.8 [h1_upp] => 0 [h2_upp] => 0 [h3_upp] => 0 [h4_upp] => 0 [h5_upp] => 0 [h6_upp] => 0 [wide_ratio] => 1 [w724_ratio] => 1 [full_ratio] => 1 [size_minimum] => 14 [pID] => 2 ) )
_sf2_flashes Array ( )
_sf2_meta Array ( [u] => 1480712721 [c] => 1480703252 [l] => 0 )
Server/Request Data
DOCUMENT_ROOT /usr/local/apache/htdocs
HTTP_ACCEPT text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8
HTTP_COOKIE CONCRETE5_INSTALL_TEST=1; CONCRETE5=csl2n3bqb36fvfu2doiocbvsj7; __utma=267305096.1801170699.1479767442.1479767442.1479767442.1; __utmz=267305096.1479767442.1.1.utmcsr=(direct)|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)
HTTP_USER_AGENT Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:50.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/50.0
PATH /bin:/usr/bin
PATH_INFO /dashboard/welcome
PATH_TRANSLATED /home2/nowonus/public_html/
REQUEST_URI /~nowonus/
SCRIPT_FILENAME /home2/nowonus/public_html/
SCRIPT_NAME /~nowonus/
SCRIPT_URL /~nowonus/
Apache Server at Port 80
PHP_SELF /~nowonus/
REQUEST_TIME_FLOAT 1480712715.5186
REQUEST_TIME 1480712715
Environment Variables empty
Registered Handlers
0. Concrete\Core\Error\Handler\ErrorHandler
1. Concrete\Core\Error\Handler\JsonErrorHandler

Browser User-Agent String

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:50.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/50.0

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