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Just recently the logo at my website,http://www.arcilinc.org, is no longer showing up on the header, but instead has been replaced with text. When I'm logged in editing the logo is there, but when I log out the logo is gone. Any idea what could cause that?

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ewc07 replied on at Permalink Reply
I just noticed if you type http://www.arcilinc.org or just arcilinc.org in the address bar the logo shows up. If you type http://www.arcilinc.org (using the SSL secure site) in the address bar the logo doesn't show up. Why would that happen?
ewc07 replied on at Permalink Reply
Okay, I managed to resolve it, I noticed the text on the logo file was not what I named it, somehow it got changed to a long string of text and numbers.png. I re-uploaded the logo with the appropriate name and not it works under http and https.
datasouth replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi ewc07,

is the logo header issue still causing issue to your website?

Best regards,

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