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Black Accents

This is a nice looking theme with black web 2.0 styling framing the top and bottom accented by a black background on the H1 and H2 header tags. Includes a three column layout. It also includes a nicely styled navigation for the sidebar.

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version 1.2 fixes necessary updates to the view.php

version 2.0 - Major Overhaul includes:
*        1. Re-configured Pages so Header Content is in Header.php
*        2. Included area for Site Title in Header
*        3. Added "blog_entry" page type for use with core blog
*        4. Fixed a bug in the 'default' page type that used the wrong area name

verions 2.1 - In Concrete5 v.5.5 Added 45px of Space to top of the theme while logged in as an administrator so the Edit Bar doesn't overlap the Theme.


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