Q: I followed the instructions that were on the Home Page for Black Knight: "For Header Banner please provide your own image using custom page attribute 'Header Banner'" The result was the navigation menu initially floating over the Header Banner, instead of under it, and then completely disappearing. Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch?
A: That is not a glitch but how it suppose to work. In our demo page there is no header banner used those are just all texts but if you add the header banner in there the result would be the same. The header banner serves as a background of the header and is suppose to be hidden when scrolling. 

Q: Can this theme handle more than one page?
A: Yes this theme can support multiple pages, you'll just have to create a link to point your visitors to that page. The menu that is used in the demo page can be changed to any menu add-ons you like ex. Autonav, Mega Menu, etc. 

Q: Would there be a way to use a tab system within the single page layout. I have seen a couple of good tab add-ons, but I don't know if they would work in your single page layout?
A: As long as the add-on you are going to use follows C5 standards there should be any problem using it with this add-on. However, there might be chances that it will have a conflict with this theme just send us a support ticket and we will be happy to assist.

Q: Do all of your page layouts work the same way?
A: We have different Page Types like the "Full" for example can work as a regular page that doesn't behave like a Single Page Scrollable page which is how our demo works. 

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Usage instructions:

1. Use HOME page type. 

2. HOME page type is composed of 10 SECTIONS.

3. SECTIONS are equivalent to your regular WEBSITE PAGES.

4. You still have to create your website pages in full sitemap in order for you to have a navigation menu in your site. No need to edit the pages that you have created in full sitemap. All editing will be done per section on your Home page.

5. Use C5Extras Long Scroll Navigation Menu Block at the top of your HOME page.

6. EVERY SECTION in the C5Extras Long Scroll Navigation Menu Block corresponds an item in your navigation menu.

7. Every section can be determined with their area name ending in numbers. (see below)