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Review posted by clocktower on at

Not actually html5

Definitely a clean and customizable theme that helped me retool a site into concrete5.

I'm dinging it one star for inaccurate and misleading listing in the concrete5 market place. It is tagged as html5 and CSS3, but it does NOT use html5 code. It uses an XHTML transitional doctype and corresponding structure instead.

Really the theme is 5-star quality, and I would use it again and again on projects that don't require html5. I hope the developer re-lists the theme with the correct tags.

Even better would be to offer an html5 skeleton!
Response by adamjohnson on at

Thanks for the review!

As a note, the core team are the ones that are in charge of tags for add ons and themes. I think they simply set this theme as HTML5 & CSS3 because there was no other category for it at the time it was published.

Additionally, I've made a starter template that is based off of the templates--a great starting point for HTML5 development in Concrete5:

Thanks again for the review.
Review posted by shadowcomputers on at

A developers best friend

Saved me so much time - it is a must have for any developer creating their own theme.
Review posted by cyberzia99 on at

Time saver

Great starting template. Although the template isn't very technical or unique it has helped by saving that bit of extra time lost when loading in the intial grid system.
Review posted by site on at


Very useful theme idea and a time-saver also.
Review posted by samuelbarney on at

Thank You

Great job really excited to use it.

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