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Blank HTML5 Reset Template

This is a completely blank template for Concrete5 theme developers who want to build a theme with the HTML5 Reset template. See more at http://html5reset.org

Please note that this theme is geared towards people who design and develop themes and not towards people who are looking for a finished theme for their site.

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Some Optional Suggestions

  1. Most of the HTML5 Reset files are in a /_ directory. You may consider moving those files elsewhere or renaming the directory to something more semantic/understandable.
  2. If you would like to develop with this template, copy the "html5_reset" folder from "/packages/theme_htmlfive_reset/themes" to "/themes". After that, you can customize everything how you want it.


Version 2.2 - Files are now on Github. Updated lots of C5 code to be congruent with v5.5+. Some other discretionary updates. See the commit log for a full list of changes. 9/27/12.

Version 2.1 - Updated theme to be compatible with C5.5's new edit bar. 12/18/2011.

Version 2.01 - Updated theme to newest styles.css. Added dynamic language call via php to html tag. Changed semicolons to commas in mobile viewport. Updated functions.js to latest version on GitHub. 9-16-11.

Version 2.0 - Updated this theme to coincide with the recent HTML5Reset.org template updates. Much improved! No more @imports for stylesheets, main.css houses the normal, mobile, and print stylesheets via media queries, cleaner directory structure, & much more. See the HTML5 Reset site for a full list of updates. Changed the marketplace license to be BSD along with the HTML5 Reset's license. Updated on 4-20-11.

See the Version History page for version 1 changes.

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