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Review posted by negs on at

Finally, a truly blank theme

Clean is NOT the same as blank. I don't want to undo someone else's design. I want to use my own, with someone else taking care of the basic C5 setup. Here it is! I don't why more theme devs don't do this.

I used their wordpress template many times, and now here I am using their C5 template. It must be love.
Review posted by eddiethefarmer on at


Very helpful and a great start for developing a new website. For me as a newbie the files are contributing a lot to my learning process. Thank you!
Review posted by pigment on at

Love it

This one is my standard templete. Works perfect and easy to build your own template out of it. Good markup :). Togheter with modernizer.js this is all you need to make good HTML5 templates

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