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Review posted by josephreeves on at

Updated review - problems were not with this theme

I had issues with my Concrete5 setup, but these guys have been great (despite it not really being their problem).

I got instant support emails back, with knowledgeable offers of help.

Sorry for the bad press guys, great job!
Review posted by josephreeves on at


Great job guys
Review posted by bjalexander on at

Beautifully structured theme

This is really masterful work. This theme is so robust, I can't imagine a situation in which in would not work. For me, there has been a bit of a learning curve just to get the hang of it, but once I started to understand it, it makes perfect sense. Great theme. Great support. It doesn't get better than this.

Updated: I have now used a number of Hostco's addons and am using them for hosting on a new site. The level of support they offer is just superb. Truly, second to none as another reviewer said. So, it's not just themes and addons. If you're looking for hosting, talk to Jonah at Hostco. That company and their incredible service will make your life a lot easier.
Review posted by SpokaneDude on at

Unbelievable support for all of HostCo's software

This isn't about add-ons -- they speak for themselves! Quality is so much higher than other add ons I have tried; and the HostCo team's support for their add-ons is second to none!

I have been in the I/T business for almost 50 years, and have found very few people like Jonah who honestly try to help when someone is lost. I wouldn't go anywhere else for add ons or support!
Review posted by CharismaBusiness on at

Second to None

If you want a theme using bootstrap thats easy, intuitive, and on one of the most stable, secure and fast platforms out there.... this is the theme to go with. I keep coming back to this theme. It is exactly what every developer on C5 needs to use. It is the best bootstrap theme on the C5 theme store... so if you want bootstrap (who doesn't) go with this theme

Before 2.0.1

Review posted by amernet on at

Great Addon

A must have theme for any concrete5 users. It's easy to use for professional look & feel.

Highly recommended!!!
Review posted by die5el on at


Great theme
Review posted by alinford on at


Just saw, and bought this theme. Great price for a theme that must have taken 300 hours to create!

This shows all the new bootstrap goodness of C5 better than any theme I have seen, and will make the client's site much more than they or I had hoped for.

Responsive design, 12 column grid, 7 page types, 9 custom templates for autonav, HTML5, etc. What's not to love about this theme? Fantastic!

2.0.1 -

Review posted by crferguson on at

Best Theme To Date

I have tried dozens of Themes over the least few years and this is by far and away the best to far. Also great support from the developer. I spent hours trying to get round an issue but once I asked for help it was sorted within minutes. Wish I had asked sooner!
Review posted by jerrytoga on at

Great support

I recently tried to update Bootstrap and was unsuccessful (due to my own error!). I asked for support and Jonah from Hostco was immediately available to help me. He got my site back up and running in no time. I was very impressed. On top of that, it's a great theme that's easy to use and tailor to your own needs.
Review posted by richardbaker80 on at

Fantastic theme

I chose C5 because of the technologies it's based upon, so finding a theme rooted in bootstrap delighted me. There is so much to this theme I'm yet to plumb the depths of it. It's something I'm really happy to hand to clients.

Jonah is lightening fast responding to queries on the forum, and very helpful, too.

Great work, thank you!
Review posted by jevans on at

Great Theme

Really simple to use and good looking theme. Easily customisable in the css.
Review posted by strandbein on at

Great Theme

with great and very helpful support!
Thank you, Jens
Review posted by philippschnetzer on at

Good Stuff!

My first paid for template...haven't gotten into the guts of this beast yet but so far it seems really good. Had an issue and the support help from Jonah was so fast I literally refreshed my email and there was his response! Thanks for that...

The responsiveness if this site is really something every site nowadays should be required to have..pretty excited to get into this and create my masterpiece.

Good job guys!
Review posted by ConcreteCMS on at

Worth Every Single Cent!

If I was once again a beginner to Concrete5, I wouldn't look past this theme or any other theme by the team at HostCo.

Awesome support, and this theme itself it so simple to use!

I highly recommend this theme to anyone sitting on the fence on wether to shell out any money for a theme!

Keep up the good work guys!
Review posted by jjem on at


am new to concrete5 and bootstrap. Helped a lot in starting to understand the system and the results are fast. Excellent job! Support is fast as well.
Review posted by tsilbermann on at

Nice theme with huge functionality

Saves a lot of time for building a website. It's useful to know the Bootstrap framework/CSS. Many Bootstrap functions are implemented at this time or you can by them as additional Add-Ons (Bootstrap Carousel, Bootstrap Buttons or Auto-Nav Pro ). Bootswatch themes are included as well.

Great Job Jonah :-)
Review posted by peterfinch on at


Bootstrap for Concrete5 is an excellent theme, as is the very fast, helpful and willing support.

See the theme in action at .


Review posted by MavenMedia on at


To convert Bootstrap into a C5 theme is genius. Great theme. Great support. Great team at HostCo. You should all consider HostCo for hosting services as well.

Keep it up!
Review posted by martinmb on at

Instant Class..

There is a lot of depth to this theme, A really solid base to build on. Great options and a long list of built in tools. The Bootstrap Carousel, Gallery and Buttons are available in the marketplace as well. The Autonav templates are very useful have and the price is amazing, well worth every cent.

The buttons pack I just found out includes the Bootstrap Modal plugin as a bonus.
Review posted by beshlie on at

Brilliant theme!

What a great combo C5 and Bootstrap.

I think it should be included as a default theme because Bootstrap is already used extensively in C5 for the interface.
There are lots of useful components built in, all nicely documented in full on the bootstrap Github pages.

I used a custom bootstrap.css from the generator at:
Review posted by synlag on at

Great theme

5 stars, if it can be customized with the core theme customizer!

Great work!
Review posted by Abs0lute on at


Great theme. Loaded with lots of page types, and block templates.
Love it. A big time saver.
Only downside I see is the LESS.js is not employed, that I've noticed.
Response by hostco on at
We did not include LESS because its advanced, not for beginners and makes it much harder to customize the CSS.
Review posted by sk01 on at

Great Theme!

Great Theme! It's fast, it's good customizable due to comments and structure it's clean and it's easy to use.
Bought already twice and that should not have been everything.
Review posted by ConcreteFlip on at

Great theme & great deal

I've been dabbling with Bootstrap for a while and was NOT looking forward to attempting this conversion. Easy to use and the developer support I'm getting was worth the purchase price alone. Looking forward to diving deeper into the concrete pond now.
Review posted by hhockx on at

Great theme (but there is a learning curve...)

I bought Bootstrap to build a new website and I wanted it to be a responsive site that could be seen on phones, iPads and computers. Bootstrap does this very gracefully!
At first sight I was kind of overwhelmed by the amount and size of the CSS-files that comes with this theme.
For customizing the theme to the way I want it to look it's good to have different page types available. Other things (text-colors, the way images are displayed etc.) made me stroll around in CSS-files (docs.css mostly).
I'm still learning to find my way around using this theme but I am making progress...
It must have been quite a job to convert Twitter Bootstrap to Concrete5 but I'm glad you did ;-)
Review posted by jerrytoga on at

Love it

I've tried to stick to free themes in the past, but now I'm doing a professional website I needed something a bit more robust. Thank god I picked this one. Absolutely flexible, clean and easy-to-use. Couldn't be more satisfied.
Review posted by cali on at

good !!!

This is a very good theme made to build and custom your one like a framework :) very easilly
very usefull and smartly managed :)

let's try it !!
Review posted by pendragn on at

Great theme! Does everything I wanted it to!

Wow! Echoing the comments below, it is really great to see an inexpensive theme that must have taken tons of time to create. One thing that really sold it to me is so simple to see:

Go to the demo site, and resize your browser window to any size you want....this theme reflows to change dropdown bars and resizes images, and just generally acts wonderfully on different screen sizes...even that alone is worth it, not to mention the great nav bars and page types included. Great job!

The only thing I would have liked to see (which does not even warrant even one star being removed) is a better explanation of the what the "fluid layout" page type does...they all seem fluid! Thanks to the designer for a solid theme!
Review posted by laurenpretorius on at

Great theme, even better support!

A great theme with lots of options. I needed a little help here and there as I am a novice to say the least. The support was extremely helpful and guided me in the right direction!

3.0.0 -

Review posted by fpct on at

A Theme Worth Buying!

I usually create my own themes for sites and never thought that I would actually spend money to buy one. But this Bootstrap theme changed my mind. It would take me many days to come up with something with a fraction of the functionality built into this theme. And I was still able to customize it to suit my specific needs. Most importantly, the developers provide fantastic support!

3.0.0 -

Review posted by syndicate on at

Very easy to use theme

Very easy to use theme and has many different page types attributes. I also like the dashboard settings - that makes it easy to change the navbar location without having to go into the files and edit that manually. Overall great theme!
Review posted by FluxxMarketing on at

Excellent theme, from a great company

This theme is terrific. Very powerful and easy to use. Hostco has excellent customer service if you ever do have questions, but the theme is straightforward and solid. Love it. Highly recommend it.
Review posted by twpaige on at


Though I'm a CSS newbie, the Bootstrap Theme has allowed me to create just the look I was wanting with a gentle learning curve. Jonah has been quick to respond to all my newbie questions in a very polite manner. I am definitely a fan!
Review posted by keithbernard on at


Another excellent theme with excellent customer service. Never mind about the theme being responsive - so too are the developers!!
I had previously used v2 which was good but v3 exceeds even that. There is a small learning curve but there is loads of functionality that can be made to suit pretty well anything you want. Particularly impressed with the ongoing commitment to support that Jonah and his team have. (Improvements to functionality came out very quick with v3.0.0.1 and just to help all customers). -

Review posted by StockHorizon on at

Great responsive theme with even greater support!

Love the way this theme functions and how "responsive" the developer is! =) -

Review posted by sully210 on at

Can't Say Enough Good Things

I really cannot tell you how much this theme, the detailed documentation and superior support mean to someone like me who is just learning. I have come a long way, thanks in great part to this theme, the add-ons and the support from Jonah and Hostco. If you buy something here and you are not satisfied with for any reason, which i deem to be impossible, please let me know and I will buy it to use on one of my sites. I have purchased other themes and add-ons and been quite satisfied in most cases, but my default first stop is always Hostco. Five Stars!!!
Review posted by alanhalley on at

Easy to Use Mobile First Responsive Theme

The Bootstrap 3 theme is perfect for my personal website. Works great on iPhone, iPad and desktop: So easy to use that even a manager like me could build my site in a couple of hours. :-o

And Jonah provides amazing support!

Highly recommended.

Review posted by Hoopergraphics on at

Great responsive theme

If you want a responsive theme, built on Bootstrap - then this is the theme for you. There are a choice of versions (colours, fonts etc) to choose from. Great price if you get the bundles to go with it.
Review posted by trobro on at

Great support

This theme is incredibly flexible, but the best part is the great support! I got a reply just seven minutes after posting a support question.

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