> Installation

How do I install the theme?
See General Support.

> Customization

How do I make it look like the demo?
Follow the instructions in the tutorial below to set up content to look like the demo.

How do I make the dropdown menu work?
Make sure that you are using the "Dropdown" custom template for the autonav block. Then set the autonav block options to:
Sub-pages to display: Display All
Sub-page Levels: Display a custom amount
Levels: 1 

> Miscellaneous

What is the Icon set that you use in the demo on the front page below the action area?
The icons come from the Pictos 3 set, found here:


Setting up the BusinessTheme

Here I am going to explain how to set up the BusinessTheme like the demo, so you can get a feel for the features, and how things work.

  1. Install and activate BusinessTheme. Installation instructions.

  2. Setup the logo for your site. Instuctions.

  3. Change the home page type to 'Home'. If you don't have 'Home' page type, go to 'Pages and Themes' in the dashboard, click the 'Inspect' button next to the theme, and then click 'Activate Files'

  4. Add an image that is 940x320px to the 'Header' area. To get the text on the right of the image, click on the block, click on custom template and then select 'Business Theme.' Screenshot_1.png

    The text that will display here is the image description, which you can set by going to the File Manager in the dashboard, clicking on the image, and the click properties. To edit the description, click on the link that says description, and then you can add/edit it. Note that you can use HTML here to style your text, if you want to. Once you are finished, click on the icon to the right to save your description.


    BusinessTheme also includes a custom template for the ukao slider block, which is freely downloadable. You can add it the same way as you would the image block, set the custom template to 'BusinessTheme,' and you can also add image descriptions for each image. Note you will need to set the width and height options of the slider to 940x320.

  5. Next, you need to add the call to action. For the first line add a 'Heading 1' and align it to the right. Do the same thing for the second line with a 'Heading 2', and then add the image for the button at the end of the second line. Then you will need to align the image to the right, do this by selecting the image, clicking on the 'Insert/edit image' icon in the toolbar, and the change the Alignment to Right in the Appearance tab. You can find the image for the button in the images folder of the theme, or you can download all the content images.

  6. Then we can add our main content boxes. The header for each section is a 'Heading 2' and the Learn More button can also be found in the images folder, or downloaded from the above link. If you want to use icons beside the headers, you will need to select the Business Theme custom template for each content block, and then add the image at the beginning of the header line.

    Thats all for the home page!

  7. For the about page, change the page type to 'Three Column', and follow step 5 above for the call to action section.

  8. In the Left Sidebar, first add the image, I have included an blank image with the border and shadow so you can use your own image. Next add the contact info, The gray 'Contact Us' is a Heading 3, the other titles are a Heading 4, and the rest is just regular paragraphs. If you use these headings, they will automatically be styled to look like in the demo.

  9. Next the main column; the title is a Heading 1, and the rest is two regular paragraphs, with a right aligned image button at the bottom.

  10. Finally for the Right Sidebar, use a Heading 2 for the top title, and a heading 5 for the smaller ones.

  11. Thats all for the about page! Try playing around with some of the other page types till you get your desired effect. A couple of more notes, the call to action section will not show up in there is no content in it, unless you are in edit mode. The search field beside the nav bar will post to '/index.php/search/' if your search page is located somewhere else you will need to change the form action on Line 23 of /packages/theme_businesstheme/themes/businesstheme/elements/header.php.

  12. Once again you can download the button images. If you have questions or need more help with editing your site, check out General Support.

UPDATE: Business theme now includes a custom template for a built in dropdown menu. To use it, click on the auto-nav block, click on 'Custom Template' and then select 'Dropdown'. Also make sure that in the autonav block options the "Sub-pages to display"  is set to "Display all" and "Sub-page levels" is set to "Display a custom amount." with "1" level.