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I'd like to know if there is a way to make the "featured area" container automatically fit to the content I put inside.
For example by default the container is set to center a picture with a height of 320px. But I have to display depending of the page some picture of 480px or 600px, that will not fit inside the default container.
Maybe there is a simple parameter that i can place instead of the default container size value of "401px" ?

Thanks for your help

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c5studio replied on at Permalink Reply
You can change the size of the featured size to anything you want, or even set the size to auto. The only thing is that the background for the slideshow area (the white frame and shadow around the slider image) is an image so it is also a fixed with, so if you want to make the slideshow div bigger you would need to make a new background image or just use a background color instead.

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