Image and background above Call to Action bar?

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Hi, I'm just wondering how you achieved the image with white border and blue background on the Business Theme showcase? On my website the Call to Action bar is stuck to the header and I can't find a way to get anything in between there. Am I perhaps missing something?

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bobby replied on at Permalink Reply
Alright, I found the installation tutorial at the Concrete 5 Studio website, but the issue seems to be that there is no "Add to" link in my header for adding content there.

Thus I can't follow the instruction in step 4 of the tutorial, saying to "Add an image that is 940x320px to the 'Header' area."

Any idea what could be wrong here? I have just made a clean install of Concrete and then installed the Business Theme via the Marketplace.
c5studio replied on at Permalink Reply
Please make sure that you are using the "Home" page type, the rest of the page types don't include the blue header area.

bobby replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the swift response! I admire your theme as it's very professional looking and selling. Unfortunately I'm rather newbie when it comes to Concrete5 and haven't found where to change the page type into "Home".

I had a look at Dashboard > Pages and Themes > Page Types but there I only find the following page types: Blog Entry, Full Width, Left Sidebar and Right Sidebar.

Perhaps you mean some setting that I find elsewhere?
bobby replied on at Permalink Reply
OK, I managed to solve the problem. For anyone who has the same problem, I did the following:

1. Go to the Dashboard and click "Pages and Themes" > "Page Types".

2. Create a new page type calle "Home".

3. Go back to the home page of your website. Then press "Edit page" followed by "Design" and select the "Home" page type.
hectorrmachado replied on at Permalink Reply
It seems to be that Page Types designed by your theme are not automatically adding to concrete 5. I had to check the types folder in the directory.
c5studio replied on at Permalink Reply
You can also install all the page types from a theme by going to "Pages and Themes" in the dashboard and then clicking on "Inspect" next to the theme, and then click "Activate Files"
hamidovic replied on at Permalink Reply
I got this step and it displays properly in edit mode, however, as soon as I leave edit mode or sign out, this block shifts to the right, leaving body background to the left. If I change width of the featured-area to 100%, I get padding/body background image between header and this block. How do I fix this one?

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