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Hi again, I have another issue that I have been struggling with. The drop-down function doesn't appear to work in my menu. I create subpages but they don't appear in the menu.

I tried to change the menu settings in edit mode, but the only thing I can achieve is to make the subpages appear permanently in the menu. I can't make them appear in any drop-down manner. Any clues will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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c5studio replied on at Permalink Reply
In order to use the drop downs, make sure that in the autonav block options the "Sub-pages to display" is set to "Display all" and "Sub-page levels" is set to "Display a custom amount." with "1" level.

Also you need to make sure you are using the "Dropdown" custom template for the autonav block.
bobby replied on at Permalink Reply
Alright, it works now. Thanks a lot for your help!

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