Setting up the Home Page

To setup the home page like the demo, first make sure you activated the 'Home' page type (go to Dashboard -> Pages & Themes and click the 'Inspect' button next to the theme. Then hit the Activate Files button if there are Page Types to be activated. Finally put the home page in edit mode and select the 'Home' page type. Then you'll be able to setup the home page like the demo.

To create the main title, add a Content block to the 'Feature' area, insert text and make it an H1 by selecting 'h1' or 'heading 1' from the format drop down.

Adding a Background Image to a Page

By default all pages use the defaultbg.jpg image located in the theme's images folder (theme_clearview\themes\clearview\images). To use a different image on a page, put the page in Edit Mode and click on the Properties tab, then click on Custom Attributes. Add the 'Background Image' field. Once added, click Choose File to pick/upload an image. Save the page.

Note: If for some reason you can't see the Background Image attribute as an option, go to Dashboard->Pages and Themes->Attributes and look for it in the list there. If it's not there, create a Image/File attribute with the handle bg_image and the name Background Image. Then you will be able to follow the directions above.

To change the default background image for the whole site, simply overwrite the defaultbg.jpg file in theme_clearview\themes\clearview\images.

Adding Your Own Logo

concrete5.4.2.2 and below:
By default, the logo area of Clearview pulls back the Site Name from the Sitewide Settings section in your dashboard, unless the My_Site_Name global scrapbook block has been created - then it pulls whatever content is added in that block. If you want to add your own company logo, simply add it to the My_Site_Name block in Dashboard->Scrapbooks->Global Scrapbooks.
concrete5.5.0 and above with version 1.6 of theme:
If the stack Site Name isn't already created in your site, go to Dashboard->Stacks & Blocks and add a new stacked named Site Name. Then simply add a content or image block to that stack with your logo in it.