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Review posted by Diegis on at

Clearview of no future

Thanks for buying a theme that was left in ruin!
Review posted by wildfirelondon on at

Excellent Theme and totally outstanding support

This is a very flexible & elegant theme, which my client loves. He remarked that it made him look as good as Gordon Ramsey's website and that must have cost "millions".

What really sets this apart though is the quality of support that is offered by Chris, the developer. It is first class, that kind of peace of mind is just invaluable.

For those who want to see it,
Review posted by sverre on at

Beautiful and original

Very nice theme, and quite different from a lot of the others. Used in the right kind of website, it works great. I used it for a painter/artist who was extremely preased with this theme.
I also appreciated the very good and fast help I got from c5mix when I needed some advice on how to change a couple of things in the theme.
Review posted by tsilbermann on at

Works very well - fits my needs.

I started to use concrete5 a few ays ago. Just installed the Template, ad some content/images thats it. Its very easy to handle as concrete5 itself. I like the reduced design and make it a bit more discreetly for my purposes. The template complies my wishes to 90% - that saves me a lot of time.
My wishes ;-) :
- when i klick a link in the menu, the new page has loaded, i leave the cursor over the menu it still closes. It just stays open when i activate it again
- make it more useful for mobile devices (tablets,smartphones) the footer/logo isn't fix for instance
- any chance to get the bg-images faster loading (script for progressive loading - i know the browser itselfs is doing that but there is a little delay when page is loading (i try the new JPEGmini format to reduce the size)
- any chance to align the main content to center - that the content is in the middle on different screesizes - the logo has to move as well in this case (maybe you could write a few code lines here to get it like this???)
-change footer content without coding would be nice as well
- i know it from other templates (joomlabamboo for instance) that the to top button is just visible when there is something to scroll - maybe you can change it - makes the template more clear ;-)

Thank you so fare for this good work, hope you continue this clean design in further templates.
Review posted by bottemanne on at

Nice theme!

Like the theme, as it is very stylish/elegant. Also the automatic scaling of the background makes the website look good on any resolution. As a newbie to Concrete5 getting everything the way I want it is a bit of a struggle, and some trial and error, but it'll work out in the end :).
Review posted by kdpnz on at

Elegant and stylish

This is a beautiful and flexible theme offering a quick and simple option for a sophisticated website look and feel. Well executed and technically considered.

The main drawback I find is that the site title area doesn't really seamlessly accommodate using a logo instead of text, which takes the 'professional' quality of it down a notch. It's not that it's not possible, it's just not very usable that way.

The upside is that with a little tenacity and ingenuity 90% of the other attributes of the site are changeable. A few items that might be helpful in the future:
-- a way to easily change the level of opacity for the content shapes
-- a couple of other ready-made layouts for pages that allow for a larger content area as well as a sidebar
-- an option to set the time before the menu bar collapses (I've had several comments from people having difficulty locating the nav if they miss the pop out on the initial load)
-- a footer text nav option

All in all, I'm finding the theme really lovely and I'm glad I got it. It really brings a nice polish to a theme-based website solution.
Review posted by Diegis on at

Clearview made my day! Great theme!

Simple but same time a complex theme with a lot of possibilities. I use it for my personal website and could be yous for a lot of purposes. I love that it can be very customizable! Thanks to the authors!
Review posted by creativephototn on at

Awesome Layout!

I love this theme, the design is very clean, and the author is willing to help with any issue that arises.

I use this for my photography web site:
Review posted by Styves on at

Really simple, professional support and design!

I really like this theme. It's simple, creative, colorful and surely different than many others themes I saw.

But above all this, the guy behind C5Mix, Chris, give an exceptional professional speedy support to his clients. He makes you feel that you're important as a person, and definitively you know that he loves what he's doing. Hope to see many more good themes design like this in a near future from him. Keep the good work, the best is yet to come for the topnotch.

God blissed you my friend.

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