background image not resized on Android

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Hi I know this question was answered for iPhone but it did not work on Android. Is there any solution for this issue on android phones.

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c5mix replied on at Permalink Reply
You can try downloading the latest version of Backstretch (the jquery plugin that controls the background image scaling) and see if there's a fix for that (although I don't see that mentioned any where in the changelog):

Just override the file at packages/theme_clearview/themes/clearview/js/jquery.backstretch.min.js with the new one.

Then make sure you clear your site's cache (Dashboard->System & Settings->Clear Cache) and browser cache afterwards.
medianova replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks i will try to do that today. another question can u make menu to be
open by default on mobile and tablet devices? Otherwise menu button is so
small and dificult to access.
On Mar 16, 2013 1:40 AM, "concrete5 Community" <>
c5mix replied on at Permalink Reply
See this thread about how to make it open by default:

Note: this will be open on any browser/device. There's really not an *easy* way to make it only for certain devices. You would have to do a browser/device check in order to do that.
medianova replied on at Permalink Reply
Unfortunately did not work :(
c5mix replied on at Permalink Reply
Bummer. You might want to search here and see if anyone else has submitted it as an issue and if there's any fix. Or you could submit it as an issue:

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