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Review posted by surfsupjoe125 on at

Great looking theme

As always, Steve builds another stunner! Beautiful transparency, classy, rich and well made. CSS is easily revised for custom needs. Love his style.
Review posted by JohntheFish on at

Looks good and well constructed

I purchased this theme for a client because it looked good and fitted his business. Pre sales questions were answered helpfully. It installed with no problems and took over nicely from the plain yoghurt I was developing with.

Where I wanted to make some small changes, the code and css was well organised, clear and easy to work with. So far I have not needed any post sales support.
Review posted by robminor on at

Great theme

The theme looks great, unfortunately the homepage load time longer than tolerable. With 1 image and a few lines of text on the homepage, it takes approx. 30sec - 1min to load the homepage. Way too long. Turns out this is due to using Godaddy with Concrete5. I'm bailing on Godaddy.
Response by tallacman on at
Rob, If you're looking for a faster loading theme your first concern will be the quality of your server environment. The theme is simply a simple html doucument that pull information from your server. You are using godaddy for your host which has many times been acknowledged as the single worst host for concrete5 known. That is the source of your problems.

Site looks good, though.


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