Section Block Documentation

Using the 'Section' Block

Equinox comes with a 'section' block that can be used to add a 'section' of content to your website that can span the full width of the screen as seen on the demo site; ideal for creating call to actions and content you want to stand out to your users.

  1. Add a 'Section' block found under the 'Equinox' section in the blocks menu
  2. Set your 'text alignment'; left, center or right
  3. Choose your 'heading size'; h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 or h6
  4. Add a 'title' (optional)
  5. Add a 'description' (optional)
  6. Choose an 'icon and size' (optional)
  7. Create a 'button'; text, type, size and link (optional)
  8. Configure your 'colors'
  9. 'Advanced options' - set a background image (with options, contain your content to the grid and set margin and padding.

Please note: to take full advantage of the features of this block - the block should be added to a blank page type in an area without any columns added using the layout tool.