Installation of this theme can be done on an empty site or one with content in place.

If you have content in the site already you will most likely have to move item to where they will look best. This site is built on a full Elemental install with content. Blocks have been moved to the new layout.

Additionally, some areas and all of the areas on the Foxy page template will require an extra class to keep the text from touching the edge of the content frame.

Padding Class

Add "addpadding" class to the areas you need to have spaced in from the edge of the frame.

Using the Foxy page template

This page template has 10 content areas arranged as boxes, two to a row. To add content with images as shown on our demo page you may find it useful to make your browser window just a bit larger than the breakpoint. Your images will need to be as tall as the content on its corresponding content area to the right or the left.

FoxyBox will work with no additional add ons, You can set the background color of your page to anything you like in the Design area as seen here Additionally, the add on MrKDilkington - Full Screen Background Image and Overlay is used extensively on the demo site. You may like this better.


A custom template called Slicknav is supplied if you need it for your top menu. It will provide the mobile standard "hamburger" menu.