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Hi there,

i'm working on the frame theme now for a client that does not (want to) use Skills. However it is possible not to show the skills in the pagelist, it seems not possible to disable the function. I mean, the client will have to fill in some skills on the page attributes isn't it? Otherwise a nasty fault message pops up etc..
Is it possible to disable somehow that attribute somewhere? I'm comfortable to do so myself but don't know enough about php (ahem, skills ;^/)

Thanks a lot again for your time!

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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, it's a required input. You could delete the attribute, but it is used in some presentational areas. You could duplicate the view template if you found you had issues and edit it.

What would suggest is try that, but please back up your project first so that you can revert all files and data if something does not work as expected.
mieke replied on at Permalink Reply
Tried to do so indeed, but got short of PhP knowledge at the finesses :^/
So i have to sharpen my own skills first!
Thank you anyway, it's a wonderful useful theme!!

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