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Hello - first off, we are thrilled with the look and eventual function of your Frame theme and look forward to pushing it out to customers to easily learn about our product. After working with it for a week, I have a few questions that I hope you can help with.

I added 6 new project blocks/pages to feature. They are currently located above the sample project blocks in the sitemap. The project blocks are visible as 3/row top, 2/row middle and one on the bottom. I cannot find where to force them to show as three/row in two rows. (All of the sample project blocks have been hidden from view - I tried deleting them once to get rid of them, and in the process deleted the code that worked the project visuals) Currently it shows correct on our desktop that I have built this on, but not on any guest visits from other computers.

I have used images that are 540:650 for the thumbnail images like the sample project blocks, but two of them are not showing edge-to-edge on the home page. How do I ensure that they display edge-to-edge so the blocks are seamless? Do I need to add a frame on the image?

We need the top menu to have two selections, home and contact, one on each side of the logo. Is this possible? I successfully moved/hid one of the selections (about) - I'm afraid that moving/hiding "work" may do damage that I can't repair.

The "Work" tab seems to be a carbon copy/link of the homepage. I would like this to (eventually) be a separate page that I can build up with images/blocks of our past projects. How would I build out the Work tab without affecting the homepage? Copy it in the sitemap and create a separate link?

Thanks again for any assistance, it really is appreciated. We are - If i can send you any other info that would help, please let me know.

enjoy the day-

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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there, just took a quick look at your site and it looks like in he main you have answered your own questions...

Project Blocks:
You have to sue what is available here - we can not support customizations to the themes files unfortunately.

All image appear to be working fine here.

Nav link order:
Looks like you figured this out.

Work page
This is just a page - you can edit it how you like. Just be mind full of any sub pages beneath this that build the project view.


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