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I am using the projects block on two pages on my website (home and portfolio site). There is a problem with the display of the projects when you visit the page for the first time. Sometimes they overlap the footer of the page and sometimes they even overlap each other. I have attached a screenshot of an example. The problem appears in any browser when you visit the page for the first time, even in mobile mode. If you change the size of the browser window so the projects rearranage to adapt the screen size or you visit the page for a second time, the display works correctly.

Can anybody help me fix this problem? It gives a very bad impression, if you come to a website and it looks as if it were broken.

Thanks in advance!

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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
I can't replicate this on by local version.

Looking at your source code, the are you are using has some kind of parallax effet atatched to it - this is not added by the theme.

I would suggest removing this in the first instance.

Please see here this will show that it loads fine.
janjungbluth replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I did a little try and error. Actually the parallax effect fixed the issue. It's just a design template in the advanced settings of the layout design of the container that contains the project block (I need the container, so the projects block doesn't stretch to full screen). I found it by chance. It doesn't do anything visually, because I don't have a parallax image in the background, but it fixes the issue with the projects block.

Still it would be nice to know what's the problem with the projects block. I created a test page for you to see the effect (without the parallax template):

I was able to reproduce the problem with this page (remember: only on first time visits with any browser, i.e. cleaned chache).
janjungbluth replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok I just tested the test page and the effect only seems to appear if you go to the homepage first and then to the test page. If you open a cleaned-cache-browser and paste the direct link, the effect does not appear...

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