Version History


version 9 ready


fixed video background issue


added fix for pagelist column layouts


better fullslider load behavior


fixed misalignment problem with the search button on windows browsers


added accordion expand custom faq template. 


expands first accordion item

will not close other items when opening an item

added color option for search icon

fixed slider timeout attribute

added list color option to customization interface

added footer background function via page attribute

fixed blockquote bug


- fix team profile alignment


- slider fix on mobile

- btn fix on mobile


- improved fullpage slider

- new video only landing page

- new slider only landing page

- bugs and css fixes

- added home intro pagetype


scroller fix for older versions of framework


fixed full slider custom template where paddings are visibly seen


added background video fix for ie edge.

added better padding margins for mobile.

optimise navigation dropdown


fix for share this page block displaying content differently on new windo


-added fix for the slider link


-mobile fixes and enhancements

-version 8 compliance

-Safari navigation layout fixes

-iOS layout fixes

-full page global area change to local areas

-homepage parallax fix

- fixed unclickable areas when search box is active. fixed mobile navigation alignment


-New navigation search feature 

-New custom template for search

-Added top header area for phone numbers, email address, cart, etc.

-Scroller button now scrolls to next section when triggered - added fix for hide banner bug

1.5.1 - Fixed script error on the smart dropdowns

1.5 - - Added smart dropdowns. Dropdowns will now detect browser edge and re-position themselves.

1.4.6 - added separate customization for banner heading

1.4.5 - Added font Fredoka One to design panel

1.4.4 - Added attribute to ignore android fallback and force attempt video background

1.4.3 - Android subnav fix and added android video fallback

1.4.2 - added more customization options to the full pagetype

1.4.1 - added right positioning for default faq block

1.4 - ios7 vertical height fix

1.3.4 - fixed blank pagetype js error

1.3.3 - added ios fallback support for video bg

1.3 - added full page slider

1.2.2 - optimised multiple homepage type for multilingual

1.2.1 - inner page css fixes

1.1 - fixed ios issues. carousel problem on mobile devices

0.1 - marketplace release version