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Before 1.2.2

Review posted by jmssportsllc on at

Framework Theme

Excellent, professional theme. Well thought-out. Great support from the team. I found an iOS glitch on mobile and within 24 hours they had updated the theme. Will totally work with this developer again.

1.2.2 -

Review posted by timbell on at

Love This Theme!

I recommend it! Simple to use, fantastic - quick responses to any questions we have. I just purchased my second one in less than a week. Stay tuned, I'm sure I will have more great things to say. T.Bell
Review posted by CharismaBusiness on at

Awesome and Beautiful Theme

This theme deserves all five stars! I re-build my site from the ground up because I wanted to switch my dated 5.6 theme to this 5.7 theme... and it was WELL worth it! Not only is this theme one of the most aesthetic on the marketplace, but it is also very well coded and solid. Easy to understand and modify. I can't think of anything I would change.

Also, the support was wicked fast! Thanks so much James for your prompt help on my stupid problem. He went way out of his way to get a solution for me.

1.3.1 -

Review posted by dhermes on at

Great Theme

Love this theme. I have 3 different clients that wanted to use it and they all love it. Great job. Easy to use, and the guys were easy to work with. Had an issue with nothing showing up on my phone where the video was to play, and they quickly added a feature that allowed me to set a background image. Definitely would recommend this.

1.3.4 -

Review posted by banditetr on at

Cool, Cool, ICE

Very cool
aggressive design when u use the Locations Add on or GoogleMaps block you need to add some lines to the CSS but that is the only thing.
A beautiful design.
I just purchased 7 for some of my old projects they will get a very nice upgrade with this theme

Excelent work

Review posted by ZillionProductions on at

Very cool theme!

This is a really cool theme! It allows you to create a very good-looking website without too much hassle. The response of the developer is fast and helpful, I hope this theme will get even more options in the future, making this one of the best themes available. Thanks!
Review posted by MegaCon on at

Fantastic theme, easy to manipulate!

I really love this theme, it has some great features and customization is very easy.
The outcome is a really professional look with a ton of possibilities already build in.
You can be as creative as you want, this theme has it all.

Thumbs up!

1.4.2 -

Review posted by RickJ on at

Beautiful Beautiful Theme and Great Support

Framework is absolutely gorgeous. It's easy to use and the support is superb. James is friendly, professional and generous with his time. I highly recommend this beautiful theme.

1.4.4 -

Review posted by jero on at

Great Theme, Great Support

I often find with marketplace themes that they require a fair amount of wiggling to do exactly what I want. This one didn't - it worked out of the box. I did have a couple of issues but they were dealt with very quickly and effectively.

This is a great theme backed up by awesome support. Thanks a bunch.
Review posted by SnefIT on at

Very nice!

Nice theme, well done. Support is excellent and (very) fast.

1.6.1 -

Review posted by scrivener on at

Amazing theme and support

I have installed five of these (so far) and have nothing but good things to say. I like working with this theme, clients love the results, the design is sleek, the theme is _packed_ with features, and the support is unsurpassed. Seriously. Fastest, most thorough and generous support that I've come across so far. Brilliant. My go-to theme for the foreseeable future.

1.6.3 -

Review posted by rblwebdesign on at

Versitile and wel coded with loads of options

I bought this theme recently,It's very versatile to use for every type of website. The design options are huge and possibility's are endless. The theme customization is well thought. This give's you the option to tweak and extend it for your own purposes and design features. I really recommend this theme, and going to use it more often.

1.6.6 -

Review posted by juser on at

I am having and incomplete install. Please respond! I like the theme

I have PM'd you, it was read although I received nothing back please help thank ypu
Response by c5box on at

I have already responded to your ticket here:

you did not respond :/ -

Review posted by peejay68 on at


Very flexible theme with excellent support available. Thank you
Review posted by byvictoria on at

Great design, flexibility and performance

This theme has been updated to work with the very last C5 version, it is 100% responsive, and has lots of customizing options. Performance is solid and the seller has been very supportive.

1.7.3 -

Review posted by daimon on at

Beautiful and functional

This is a fine looking skin, well documented and easy to use.

I chose this skin mainly because the main menu works great with a touch screen as well (you can actually tap a menu item to open and tap twice to select - makes it possible to browse menus, at least on android). Haven't found many skins with this included.

In addition to that it looks great.
Review posted by edsaxmoore on at

Great Theme

This is the first time purchasing the Framework theme, but it won't be the last. The theme is very well laid out, has great documentation and is easy to use. I highly recommend it!
Review posted by tommyh on at

Excellent professional theme

Excellent, professional theme that is easy to style. It is well thought-out. Great support from the dev team.

1.7.4 -

Review posted by edsaxmoore on at

Great Framework

I used this theme on a wedding site and it worked great! There was plenty of documentation, features and great support! I will buy more from this developer.

1.7.6 -

Review posted by dhermes on at

Great Theme

I have purchased this theme for several websites and it is so easy to use and versatile. Great job!
Review posted by mpeli on at

Excellent theme

Very simple to use and yet works. And very quick support! Five starts earned!
Review posted by edsaxmoore on at

Great Theme

This is a GREAT theme, loaded with features and options. Love it!
Review posted by johnmbrimelow on at

Support said I'll look into it, then...crickets

Asked about two things: adding functionality for video background playback on iPhone and shrinking the header on iPhone. Was told, I'll look into that on Oct. 19 "I’ll see if a workaround is possible. I cant guarantee anything but hopefully its easy to integrate. " It's now November 26...
no response
Review posted by Pixelfixer on at

This is one of my favorite themes

Very professional and well done. Easy to use. I love the background options with video or not. I used it on a C5 v8.3 install and it works very well. Highly recommend it!

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