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Review posted by DaleZeut on at

Crashed myh site - had to remove/database and import it again

Once I made it active - I got an error message on every page. First time I just started over, second time I exported the site and then deleted the database and imported it again.
Review posted by edsaxmoore on at

Nice, but needs a little help

I like this them a lot. The issue I have is when in Admin mode, the header just can't be worked on. There is a CSS issue that needs to move that top margin down. I haven't had the time to fix it on my end. Hopefully someone will do it because the theme seems to be very nice.
Review posted by binoy on at

Demo, Please!

This theme seems really beautiful! Providing an active demo will help us to use it in a better way. Please activate the demo. Thank you.

Before 1.2

Review posted by ConcreteCMS on at

Really appreciate the work you've done

What a great help this was to get started with 5.7. Thank you so much.
Review posted by julehti on at

Nice and easy

Nice and simple theme, thank you very much. It would be perfect, if you could easily customize styles. But nevertheless, you can change them also editing the source code.
Review posted by Ditso on at

Fruitful: Life Saver

For the price this is excellent!

Joking aside (as it's free) this has been a godsend to me. When I loaded up the new version of Conc5 on a brand new domain I was clueless how to use it. I've done about 30 websites on the older versions and could do a website in an hour with a simple template. When I started with the new C5 I spent 10 hours + and got absolutely nowhere.

When I tried this it came with a 30 minute "HOW TO" video and after watching that I was up and running in no time. Can't thank these guys enough, I actually feel embarrassed that this was free as I've paid money in the past for themes that aren't anywhere near as good as this.

Nice change to load a theme up that you can actually make look like the live demo without being a coding genius.

A HUGE thank you.
Review posted by jmnino on at

Nice and Clean look

A very nice clean and professional looking theme. Easy to implement your information into the theme and still look just as good as the demo site.

1.2 -

Review posted by bjalexander on at

Amazingly useful demo

I was dreading the shift to 5.7 since much of what I've been doing in 5.6 is sort of on auto pilot. I needed an introduction to 5.7 that made sense. That's exactly what is provided. In under a half-hour I got a feel for the basics and I got over my resistance to 5.7. PLUS the theme itself is terrific and makes a great starting point. Thank you. This is SO helpful.
Review posted by workndawg on at


I use it mainly because of the clean working menu. This template and the Concrete5 thing makes building websites easy.

I am not a developer and I thought this CMS thing was just drag and drop but I started with Joomla and was banging my head on the desk for 2 months. Even began to think I wasn't as smart as I thought I was :O

But with Concrete5 it is drag and drop. You can do deeper stuff but I'm just slamming stuff together only doin drag and drop. I pretty much use the "T" content Block for everything, image, text or both and it just working great!

The only other thing you will have to do is learn to manipulate the blocks and containers and you are on a roll.

Thank you guys for Concrete5 and Fruitful! Thank You Very Much!

Review posted by lota on at

simple and nice!

really an interesting topic, video explanations very comprehensive

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