I would recommend that you activate this theme with all page types and then apply the home page type to your home site. You are then ready to start work on your site! To add a glowing slogan simply add a content box in the slogan block, and then apply the heading 2 styling to it. There are many editable areas in this themes, i'd suggest playing around with them.

This theme is quite customizable. To customize it go to dashboard/pages themes and then click on the customize button next to this theme.

Feature Requests
If you want any features that you think this theme should have but doesn't, either pm me through my concrete5 profile or click on the feature requests button on this themes page on Either way, ill try to respond soon. If its something only you want, ill just email you with a new version. If its something that I realize that the theme could really use though, Ill update the theme with that feature and grant you an unlimited use license for this theme. If you suggest a feature that I don't want in the theme, I can release it for you, but I will not for the general public, and you will not get a free unlimited license.

I actively support my themes. 

Thanks for Buying this theme!