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Gratitude Theme

Features & Summary

  • Meant for a single page website.
  • Every block you add to the page will automatically become a new slide.
  • Background image can insert - Update - Delete From specific block's "Design" .
  • Each section has a fixed background image with Parallax effect i.e., the background moves slightly up as the user scrolls down. The Javascript for Parallax.
  • Clicking on a nav menu item will scroll smoothly to the corresponding section instead of jumping sharply. Nav bar menu items will get highlighted depending on which section is currently in view
  • Lightbox "Responsive Gallery with Lightbox" Addon used for My Work Section images.
  • Responsive Theme


Optional Addon Responsive Gallery with 'Lightbox' extra purchase from market place and it is free.

Snowfall effect on demo site is only for add-on demo purpose. it will not include in the package. if you want snow fall effect need to buy from here

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Sales have ended due to EOL

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