Setup and Use

Hello theme has 3 editable areas, of which none of them is a global area. They are "Intro Title", "Intro Blurb", and "Intro Nav".

Intro Nav intended for either the Autonav block of Manual Nav. Custom and matching templates are supplied for these two blocks.

Intro Blurb is where you can put a short message. The actual area will expand to whatever size your content needs. So if you need a longer message use returns to manually break your lines as you see fit.

Intro Title is where you can put your site name or logo. It you use text you can display it using two different styles entirely. See the demo site for and example. The format of the Intro Title is like this:

<p><span>Hello,<span> there!</p>

Then in the customization panel you can alter the font, color, size and weight of each of these words individually.

 The full image background blocks can be put in any of the three containers. They will disappear on leaving edit mode.