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All installed OK. Added the juniper template.

The problem is that on some pages surrounding the "Empty Banner Content Area" a large rectangular buff coloured area (from one side of the screen to the other and around 1/3 of the screen in height) is displayed. In the middle top in large text is "1920 X 600".

Appears to part of the page as it moves with the scroll-bar.

In edit mode it cannot be selected and therefore deleted, etc.

I have made no changes to any files. All changes via the "edit" mechanisms.

I have the vague idea/memory that using the FireFox "developer" in network mode I saw a file download with a name like 1920X600.

Help required, Ian

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pilipala replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Ian,

That is just a placeholder image. It just has the text on there so that you can see the size in pixels if you would like to use the same size image. So to replace it with your own background image, go to the page and click on the gear icon at the top left of the menu. Click on "Attributes"; you will see "Juniper Banner Image" on the right. Click on the image there and choose "clear" and then you can choose your own background image, or leave it blank if you wish to use a background colour instead.



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