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I tried to upload an PNG image as logo, but it shows that the image format isn't valid. So, I uploaded an jpeg image, and how could I change the background color of the header / navigation section?

Please reply assp.


Helen YAU

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pilipala replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Helen,

Yes, you can add your logo as a .png file. In edit mode, click on the logo area > choose add block > click on Image and then follow the steps to choose an image already uploaded, or upload a new .png image. Possibly check that the image you are trying to upload has the correct extension.

To change the colour of the header / navigation section, in edit mode click on the cog icon (top left of the toolbar) > choose design > customise and then click on the colour next to "top menu background" and select a new colour with the colour picker. Save changes and click on the pencil icon to select publish changes.

You may also find the Juniper theme documentation helpful. This is found in the theme folder, or is also available here:



helenyau replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Jennifer,

Thanks very much for your prompt reply.

I can upload the logo correctly, but actually, I'd like to deactivate the transparent effect on the header / navigation section before scrolling the page. How could I do that?

Thanks again!

pilipala replied on at Permalink Reply

You would need to change the CSS. In the same area as above (cog icon > design > customise) go to custom CSS and add something like this (changing the colour to the colour that you want to use):

div.ccm-page .navbar-fixed-top {
    background-color: #ffffff;
div.ccm-page .juniper-masthead {
    background-color: #ffffff;
div.ccm-page .navbar-fixed-top.opaque {
    background-color: #ffffff;


helenyau replied on at Permalink Reply 3 Attachments
Hi Jennifer,

Wouah, I'm really impressed with the rapidity of your reply, and thanks again, it works!

Sorry that I still have a few questions :
1) I don't know what I've changed in the settings, but the portfolios' projects don't display correctly in 3 columns, I tried different styles, such as Juniper blog grid, Juniper portfolio three columns, and Juniper portfolio two columns. Please have a look at the attached files, why they are not displaying as on the demo page?

2) How to display blog posts (showing title, date and excerpt) in 3 columns on the homepage? Is it possible to change sections displaying orders? I mean, I'd like to move the latest projects section above the Heading 2 section...

3) In order to make my homepage showing as an One Page design, I need to create anchor for each section, and then add the anchors' name to the navigation menu. Is it possible to have anchor names instead of page names in the navigation menu?

Thanks very much!

pilipala replied on at Permalink Reply

1. I'm not sure what has happened with the portfolio, but it looks as though it may be in a smaller area. It will go to the full width of it's containing area or <div>. If you would like us to have a look, please send us the link. This is a public support thread, so if you want to send it privately you can do so via pm or email contact@pilipalawebdesign.com

2. In this theme, we have only provided the templates for 2 column blog posts, not 3. This is just due to the design of the blog post excerpts. The titles are a bit offset so with 3 columns and an offset title, it looks cramped. You could copy a page list template and then customise it, but this is a bit of work and would take some explaining. If you want an explanation of how to do this, please open a new support thread with a relevant title and then we will advise.

3. You can't move sections but you can move content. So yes, you could drag the content "Latest Projects" over the "Heading 2" area. In edit mode, if you hover over the area in the top right you will see some arrows just drag the content to where you want.

4. This theme isn't a one page theme, but if you wanted to add links for anchors, you could add them by going to Sitemap and clicking on Home > Add external link > Then put the name and the url you want to link to. E.g. Name: Team, URL
This isn't specific to our theme, so you may find information on it if you try searching in the concrete5 forums, but that is one way you could do it.



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