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Review posted by pdcouto on at

Quite Nice

I've found the theme quite nice to start with.

Had no problems using the irght side bar page.

Couldn't find how to replace the main logo.

You can see it beeing used on
Review posted by dbradley on at


This is very well designed theme with a very poor implementation. Only 1 style - Right sidebar. Nothing else.
Review posted by djtaube on at

Simple and just right.

Only reason to knock off on star and that is just expandability for all support layouts.

For myself, I do not think I will change from this theme for a while.
Review posted by trettep on at

Nice Look!

I like the theme. Only complaint is what another reviewer said - that it doesn't support all the page views.
Review posted by synlag on at

Minimal Genial

thx tony!
Review posted by kavapoint on at

Very Cool Theme

Excellent simple and clean theme. It unfortunately doesn't fully support all the different page types like "right sidebar" or "left sidebar" so I had to do some minor edits to make that possible.

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