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Review posted by stuntman on at

Brilliant theme, love it :)

Seriously, very, very good theme. Works brillantly and gives your site a proffesional look and feel.

Also the theme designer is very helpful, just take a look in the Get Help area over there.

Keep up the good work and thank you.
Review posted by igrieves on at

Great theme and superb support

A really good theme with good documentation. Jordi provides some the best and fastest support in the C5 community too so thanks to him again.
Review posted by davidalex1 on at

Great Theme

A great theme and now with the added advantage of multi page support.
Easy to use interface and customizing is nice and easy.
Review posted by akahige on at


Review posted by shaolinsteyr1 on at

Great Theme

Great Theme, super Documentation and lots of nice things to play with.
Review posted by SnowyMountainWeb on at

Great theme

Good documentation. Beautiful, clean theme. Easily customizable. Fast response from the developer. I have used this theme in concrete5.6 for several sites. Now in concrete5.7 it is even better-looking and easier to customize.
Review posted by boomgraphics on at

Excellent theme so far.

The usability, customizability, and lack of bugs so far is excellent.
Review posted by nonews on at

Beautiful theme, the best support ever

Long Story Short is well designed theme both its outlook and usability. And developer Jordi is a great guy, he didn't only help with the problem but also gave other valuable tips with C5. Thanks again, Jordi!
Review posted by rosie607 on at

Nice theme

Works well, totally satisfied with the theme.
Review posted by netbis on at

Ciekawy projekt.

Polecam nawet dla początkujących. Rozbudowany projekt z prostą obsługą.

1.0 -

Review posted by daenu on at

It is just great!

I just started today filling a page. It is well thought, easy to use, the settings are self explaining. In short agreat theme! Nice work guys
Review posted by studiotwentytwo on at

Amazing, flexible theme!

This theme is perfect if you want to use it as is or customize it with a little css knowledge. Jordi, the author, is so helpful and replies within a day. He went above and beyond with technical questions that feel outside the theme.

I hope he continues to build add to the concrete theme community!
Review posted by BrettDashwood on at

Absolutely awesome

We have implemented this theme to create a site that has the modern single-page look, but actually has 11 pages. We love the parallax ability, the inbuilt block animations, the ability to customise, and it being responsive.

Because of there being so many customisation options - mainly with the complexity of adding a slide into the mix, rather than just pages and blocks - this takes a bot of getting a handle on, but once you do, it will blow your mind about what is able to be achieved.

Jordif also provided very quick, knowledgeable, and expert assistance when technical problems arose, whether it ended up being the theme or not.

Brilliant developer, brilliant theme.
Review posted by grafoman on at

Super for Onepage websites, perfect support

Wanna build a onepage website? Get this theme for the basic layout and start customizing!

1.0.1 -

Review posted by ARTRIUM on at

OnePage Übertheme

Very good theme with a lot of functions under the hood
incl. expandable features not seen on other platforms.
Check out the random images and video background
infos. These options could be market extensions on its
own. Working with a descent Onepage template on the
Drupal CMS platform, it's a pleasure to see what's really
possible with this great theme. It's quite an Übertheme,
with great support by the dev for all sorts of questions.
Review posted by nicobe on at

Très chouette thème, bien conçu

Jolie thème tout simple mais très dynamique!
facilement personnalisable grâce à la bonne documentation et l'excellente réactivité de l'auteur.
Review posted by barkingtuna on at

Great theme... easy to work with; the perfect single-page layout!


I've yet to have the need for a single-page layout but have had a license for both 5.6 and 5.7 for quite some time. Finally, I got to utilize it and it is brilliant!

1.1.2 -

Review posted by HidehikoMICHIHIRO on at

I was the perfect to hope

This theme is Cool & Great.
And, this theme is simple functionality required to have been built.
In my simple web site, this design was optimal.
Review posted by grafoman on at

The best framework for a onepage

I've used this addon for several websites and it never disapoints. It's easy to pick up on for beginners. And if you know a bit of code you can go a long way to make the perfect Onepage site.

Furthermore, the support is fast, reliable and unbelievably good. I keep on experimenting with the theme and Jordiff (the developer) always helps out if there is a problem. These experiments sometimes result in new features and updates!

In short: Need a onepage in concrete5.7 ? Use this and get started.

1.1.2 -

Review posted by rayjohn66 on at

Great theme for single page sites - great support

This is a really good theme for single page sites which don't have a lot of content but you want to make a statement. You can also add pages which even enhances your options like if you want to put a contact page etc. The animations for blocks adds a nice bit of bling.

I had some questions and they were answered promptly.

Thanks Jordi

1.1.3 -

Review posted by heritageboy on at

Great theme - will be downloading multiple times!

I'm trying to build a niche one-page website design business - - this suits my needs down to the ground. Great support too - thanks.
Review posted by fabianbitter on at

5 stars

Great for one pagers :)
Review posted by publicrelation on at


Everything is prefect and simple to configuration it.
Review posted by Blueprint on at

Support takes forever.

Response to tickets is very slow.
Response by jordif on at

I think these are the support tickets you submitted:

I replied to both in less than an hour.

(To be honest, I reply to most tickets every few days, as stated on the marketplace page, but in your case I think I was pretty fast)

Anyway thanks for the review, I think the marketplace benefits from reviews.


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