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Review posted by johnmbrimelow on at

Madfolio's Great (but "presented by Madfolio" in the footer was a distraction}

It took some time for this answer from Christian...but this works for all the footer info, I only used the "presented by Madfolio" since I wanted my copyright and login in the footer:

You need to add -

define('MADFOLIO_COPYRIGHT', false);
define('MADFOLIO_PRESENTED_BY', false);

to your site.php file in your /config folder.

Before 1.0

Review posted by mikefatty on at

Madfolio is worth the price!

Madfolie is clearly a theme that is all your money worth, it's flexible and very friendly! This theme is clearly a theme I will recommend to others who bulit with concrete5. i give it 5 stars!

/ Mike
Review posted by PineCreativeLabs on at

Madly in Love With Madfolio

Madfolio is a very well though-out theme, and has a lot to offer! Plenty of documentation, tons of customization options, and is fairly simple to use!

Plenty of flexibility, and is a great value overall!

1.0 -

Review posted by tsilbermann on at

One of the best concrete5 themes

This theme is well styled (from first to last) easy to handle, well coded, well documented and the support is great. Two customers asked about a special functionality - Marc added it within a few days!!! Thats extra work - others call that "custom job".

One thing I have to criticize. There is marc anton dahmen EVERYWHERE (folder names, theme name, code ...) Thats not nice - There is no reason for showing my / a customers website when someone looks fore Marc Anton Dahmen at Google... Its a bit too much self-promotion.

Anyway! For me its one of the best concrete5 themes. I can highly recommend it.
Response by marcantondahmen on at
Hey, thanks for the nice review...
One thing though: It is actually part of the Concrete5 developer guide lines to put the developer's name in all folder/theme names to avoid name collisions in the marketplace and to keep items unique. That's nothing we can do about. The folder/theme names also don't show up at Google.
The link in the footer is the only thing additional and can be easily removed.
Review posted by flummi on at

Nice frontend, but difficult to use in the backend, bad documentation and bad support

The frontend really looks nice, so I decided to give it a try. But the documentation is not very detailed, so it was difficult to get it to work. I asked for help in the forum and the developer answered quickly the first time and I got this step to work. But my next question in the forum then took 7 days to get answered from the developer and could not get solved in that way. Since I also experienced difficulties in the backend usability I recognized that I could not sell this solution to my client - the process of creating new content is just not that easy.
So I kindly asked the developer if there is a possibilty for a refund but then the developer got really mad and got very offending instead of trying to solve the problem in a good way. This is NOT a nice way to treat your customer.
Response by marcantondahmen on at
Let me make something clear here:

You call yourself a developer and accepted a professional job from a client. Then the client did not like your work, which was basically buying a theme and selling it as yours. Then you started asking totally weird questions about Concrete5 which do NOT have anything to do with the add-on for several weeks. Then you started inventing problems, just to get a refund. That is pure swindle.

It is also important to say here that you where so rude, to ask for a free version of the add-on, to show to your client! I wrote you back that you shouldn't buy it, if you are unsure about it, but there will not be any free version.

Is that your way of doing business? Very honorable!

What was difficult to get to work? Downloading from the marketplace?
You complained, that you have to add "site" to get a new "post" ?!??!????!!!???!!??? (i don't know what that means)
And (after a lot of emails) I still don't understand what you mean with backend-usability? Back-end is only a term for a server side thing - not what you see on your computer. What the hell does that have to do with the add-on??? If you are talking about the C5 dashboard - then i can only tell you, that this is also unrelated to the add-on. That is a normal C5 interface.

I get more and more the feeling that you are not really able to use Concrete5 and instead of reading the docs, you blame people for your obvious incompetence.

If you seriously mean, that adding a page with that add-on (which is only pressing the Write button > C5 dashboard) is difficult - nobody on this planet can help you!
You are making yourself a fool here - everybody can read the documentation pages (C5 and the add-on).

All your questions where related to the basics of editing a page in C5 - not the theme itself!

It is not the job of any Concrete5 developer to satisfy your client - YOU get paid for that - so do your job! The software I have delivered is perfectly working! So in the end you tried to get back money from me, because your client doesn't like Concrete5 it was not even about the theme. (you said it yourself)

And you "kindly asked for a refund"? That is just a lie! You insisted on a refund for a fully working piece of software after owning it already for weeks and using it on a client's site!

So please tell me as a customer - why the hell should I pay a refund fee - after helping you for weeks - only because you have problems with your client?

Look at all the other reviews here - maybe other people are smarter then you or you are lying here - your choice!
Review posted by designerdan on at

Awesome Template

This is an amazing template and well worth the money. You aren't just getting a template, you're getting world class support from Marc too! He went out of his way to fix a problem that Vimeo was causing with some embedded videos in iOS. Truly outstanding work!

I'll admit, it took me a while to figure out the new site structure Madfolio works with and I was initially confused by the responsive grid structure. Hint to other video artists: 720p videos resize nicely within the grid.

The absolute coolest feature, beside already being an animated responsive design that works on desktop and mobile devices, is the dynamically generated list page. All of the sub-pages are automatically added to the list page, so you just make one entry for a new portfolio piece and - tada! It's already on the list page with a thumbnail and title!

It's a beautiful template and I'm proud to showcase my work with Madfolio:
Review posted by scdesign on at

Awesome showcase for photography site

This was perfect for my photography site that I built. It's clean and minimalist and looks great across all devices due to the responsive theme. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Review posted by Damir on at

Awesome solution! Worth the money ; )

I'm very impressed by this cool theme, documentation and support.
I use it on the site of our audiobranding agency. There are two different languages on the site. Works fine with internationalization + Language Manager add-ons, but you need some basic php skills or help of a good developer to fix some parts of the code to realize this.
Highly recommended!

Thank you for your work, Marc!
Review posted by jfuqua on at

Beautiful theme with outstanding support

I've completed a handful of C5 sites but will admit working with this theme was a bit confusing at first mainly due to my inexperience and that it has some unique features that I'd never encountered before.

The well-written directions were a big help along with Marc answering my multiple questions in a very timely manner. He went above and beyond in helping me get the theme working as I envisioned.

$99 for a theme seems expensive until you see the results. I feel my work is more appealing to potential clients and this theme will serve my needs for years to come.

Thanks, Marc.
Review posted by grahamsimm on at

Honest Review of Madfolio from a beginner web design hobbyist

Reading these reviews and receiving help from Marc I felt it was important that I share my thoughts.

After purchasing Marc's Madfolio design I thought I ran into a few issues. I then slowed down, actually read the installation instructions that Marc tells all buyers to read, and had no issues from then on. It was pure USER ERROR during the installation on my web server. A simple click to allow the appropriate PHP settings and that was it.

Then after my install I wanted to learn how to customize the site wide footer so it didn't say "presented by Madfolio". I originally thought "This dam guy charged me $99.00 for a template that links to his own stuff". My thoughts couldn't have been father from the truth. I contacted Marc, got a response within 12 hours, and all my issues have been resolved.

Madfolio is a totally unique, clean, and elegant design that's highly customizable and functional. Two of Marc's comments in my support correspondence with him says it best: "You payed for it - you can do whatever you want with it" and "If you need more help, let me know….Have fun!".

Although Madfolio is more expensive then many templates on the concrete5 marketplace, its a superior template that posses great design and functionality. Good design and great support is worth $99.00 to me.

P.S. - No I did not get paid for this review so hopefully my thoughts help you make a decision if you have gone this far into thinking about purchasing Madfolio.
Review posted by PortlandLabs on at

Nice Work

This is an attractive, well-considered theme with numerous useful options which are thoroughly documented over on Marc's site. Like many themes on the marketplace, this is no "instant facelift" for your existing website. However, if you are interested in showcasing creative work or any other discipline where graphical communication is key, this theme offers an excellent structure to work within.
Review posted by hanswalrafen on at

Very nice - Soooo many features included

Many excellent features like the fullscreen gallery and very easy to use! ...and it just works out of the box!
Review posted by nonews on at

Support sucks

Please notice, if you purchase this theme, you will get developer's own advertise in to your website. That is in non-editable field. I asked how to remove the text and developer got mad. I got many furious comments from him and had to ask help from the core team. Not nice at all.
Response by marcantondahmen on at
What you are saying is just not true. I answered multiple support questions, starting from describing you step by step, how to install a theme. I also gave you a very clear step by step tutorial, how to remove that link from the footer. And I talked to the core team.

If you say all these things you should be able to proof that, right?
I have more the impression, that you are totally not able to use concrete5 at all. And instead of asking for help, you just blame other people for your incompetence.

I call that not nice at all.

And don't forget, that i also asked multiple time to ask in kind way. You behavior is just not ok.
You want help! So ask kindly and people will help you!

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