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Review posted by alex5b on at

Highly recommended

We are building a travel agency website using Vidal's Modena theme and the experience is highly positive. The theme itself is very user friendly (especially for non-coders) and the support is phenomenal. We were able to implement everything we wanted in terms of design and in terms of productivity. David is very patient and helpful in solving our occasional problems and we are really happy for having chosen Modena for our website.

Before 1.0.1

Review posted by ppisoban on at

Highly recommended

I have built many many Concrete5 sites and normally use my own falrly basic themes finding that easier than using a bought theme. However due to the lack of decent navigation blocks in Concrete5.7 and 5.8 I started to investigate using a theme with a good nav built in. Modena looked clean and modern so I gave it a go and I must say I am so impressed with it, it's much easier to use than any other theme I have used (often you buy themes thinking they will save you time but actually you spend so much time customising them and sorting out their quirks that it actually takes longer). There are so many built in and really useful blocks, animations, lots of theme customisations without having to tinker with the code, great layouts and very helpful documentation. And I have actually learnt more about some of the more in depth features of Concrete5.8.

Not only this but when I found a small bug, I contacted David and he responded very quickly and gave me a workaround while he investigated the bug. Excellent stuff!

1.0.1 -

Review posted by baysmedia on at

Up there with the best on C5

This is a great theme and I know I'll be buying more of this moving forward - it simply looks great and is very versatile. The additional blocks bundled within it all work with Composer which is, for me at least, a MAJOR bonus for client handover - you simply don't get this functionality with most add-ons for sale in the marketplace, let alone to have it bundled in an awesome looking theme at great value.

I do however have two feature requests...
1. For the theme to support multiple areas. I appreciate that the use of multiple layouts can achieve a similar result, but this is far less manageable than having the ability to simply add multiple areas which many of the other mainstream themes provide inherently.

2. Given that this theme is so great for portfolio sites, it'd be even better if the hero blocks could support MP4 and / or (even better) Youtube / Vimeo therby lending itself to video based portfolio requirements.

Otherwise please keep up the great work - I look forward to using this theme in my next project.

1.0.4 -

Review posted by igrieves on at

The best theme on Concrete5

This is easily the best theme on C5 and I've bought a few. Very smart from the off needing very little styling and easy to do the styling you want. Good extra addons blocks too. I've built at least 8 sites with this and a success every time. Highly recommended...: )
Review posted by dsds on at

The best theme and the best support.

The best theme and the best support.

Since there are many items whose settings can be changed, various customizations are possible.

It will provide accurate support and solve it.

1.1.7 -

Review posted by covenanthc on at


What a great looking template. Very powerful and I was so shocked I didn't have to get into the CSS much. I highly recommend it!

1.1.8 -

Review posted by DBKG on at

One of the best

Modena is a sleek modern theme with so much going on that it take a little time to wrap your head around it all. (That's a good thing!) Looks great, has a lot of extra blocks, customization options, extensive documentation, and fast, helpful support. Not much more you can ask for in a theme. Blocks like the animated content and hero units are a welcome addition—common in the WordPress universe but not here. Media queries can hide content depending on what size screen is being displayed, which is nice. There is a lot you can do without having to dig into the css. I had one issue, which the developer responded to quickly with a successful solution. Highly recommended.

1.2.0 -

Review posted by JohntheFish on at

A customer favourite

I have many customers choosing the Modena theme, either for use directly or as a basis for highly customised onward development. One customer keeps coming back for another and another site based on Modena.

As a developer doing such customisation, I find Modena cleanly structured and flexible to work with. The documentation of the theme and framework at is of a standard every theme developer should aspire to.

2.0.2 -

Review posted by webdesign4 on at

Perfect theme

i love working with this theme and its developer. he is always very friendly and helpful.
i must chance to version 9 and i get the steps who i must do, and it works perfect

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