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Up there with the best on C5

This is a great theme and I know I'll be buying more of this moving forward - it simply looks great and is very versatile. The additional blocks bundled within it all work with Composer which is, for me at least, a MAJOR bonus for client handover - you simply don't get this functionality with most add-ons for sale in the marketplace, let alone to have it bundled in an awesome looking theme at great value.

I do however have two feature requests...
1. For the theme to support multiple areas. I appreciate that the use of multiple layouts can achieve a similar result, but this is far less manageable than having the ability to simply add multiple areas which many of the other mainstream themes provide inherently.

2. Given that this theme is so great for portfolio sites, it'd be even better if the hero blocks could support MP4 and / or (even better) Youtube / Vimeo therby lending itself to video based portfolio requirements.

Otherwise please keep up the great work - I look forward to using this theme in my next project.

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