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Review posted by brandscapes on at


Great builder site. I have to admit when I bought it I thought I was getting all the add-ons that came with Vertigo and was slightly disappointed that I didn't get the Directions add-on. Having just finished another site with a different theme that was easy pretty easy to work with I was initially baffled when I saw all the edit stacks when the template loaded. However, after playing with it for a day I figured my way around and am now pretty happy with the way this is set up and our new site is coming along nicely. And, who knows, maybe I'll win the drawing for a free add-on.

Thanks Formigo for making building a website much easier.
Response by formigo on at
If you win we'll make sure you get the directions add-on. Thanks for a very fair review.

Review posted by StriderSEO on at

Love this theme

This is probably my favourite of all the Formigo themes. They are all excellent, and come with some top-notch features bundled in, but this is the one we chose to use on our own site.

We're rolling this out to some clients who are looking to upgrade from their tired old existing themes... I wanted to keep this for our site only, but it's too good to not offer to clients as well.

Really top notch from design to coding to delivery and support.
Review posted by CMSDeveloper on at

Morph Theme is really nice, comes with many extras. * * * * * 5 Star Rating

Revised my review on 4 jan. 2013.

I did give 1 star when i purchased this.
I did make my review to quick, there are some nice options under the hood. Support is really good.

So give the Morph Theme a 5 stars rating.
Response by formigo on at
One star? Really? You don't think it even merited a two or a three? All I would say here is it's certainly a contrast to our other reviews for Morph and our other themes & add-ons. I hope people reading this will bear this in mind.

Have a nice day.
Review posted by maccahutch on at

Great Theme

I love this theme. I have launched a new line of web packages and because this theme has so many options for customization I can knock out a site in no time.

1.0.2 -

Review posted by kwackers on at


I wanted a theme that would make my website look clean and modern whilst also providing the versatility to lay things out the way I wanted.
I have to say this worked on both counts and the bundling of some excellent add-ons is just icing on the cake.

After suffering some <cough> user error, I also had need to call on their support which was quick, professional and extended beyond the call of duty.
(Thanks for not billing me guys ;-)

If you like the 'look' of this theme, buy it you won't be disappointed.

1.0.2 -

Review posted by stuntman on at

The best

A very, very good theme. Very versatile and amazing add-ons from the rest of the Formigo suite.

Also, great support - I had a reply fixing my issue from Formigo within an hour (and it was a bank holiday!).

To make my life easier, I will be buying only Formigo themes from now on.

Thank you :)
Review posted by Aquaire on at


I am so impressed not only with this theme, but with the support. I'm new at concrete5 and I am definitely not a developer. I'm impressed with their customer support and their patience with me. I'm so excited about the website! It looks so good! I never dreamed I could make my site look this professional without spending a fortune. I am surprised how user friendly this site is while maintaining flexibility. Well done Formingo and thank you so much!!!
Review posted by myprostatecancer on at

Killer Theme

I rebuilt an entire site from html to Morph in 3.5 hours... This includes installing Concrete5 on the server.

Great job on a well built and aesthetically pleasing theme.
Review posted by digitalink on at


Very nice theme.

1.0.2 -

Review posted by brandscapes on at

Formigo Support

I've had the Morph theme for over a year now and these guys are always there to offer support and answer questions—long after my 30-day trial was over.

I can say enough good things about Andy and the team.

Review posted by riskykabob on at

Pretty pleased, no complaints, highly recommend

I found the theme easy to work with and I love the clean, modern look. The add-ons are great as well. Containers are a dream to use and really add some flare to your site. Morph receives 2 thumbs up from me.
Review posted by contactoicograf on at

Very Easy to yse

It is very easy to work with these templates, they are very friendly and have great technical support
Review posted by GuerillaBeek on at

Well designed, easy to customize, fun to use

From a graphical standpoint this theme is beautifully proportioned, highly customizable, and easy to use. The included add-ons are visually pleasing and nicely complement the look and feel without being a distraction.

The geek side of me really likes the simplicity of the underlying architecture. Having only rudimentary PHP skills, I've still been able to tweak the theme to make it meet my requirements.

Building a bespoke site this intricate, attractive, and well thought out would have taken considerably longer. I consider this money well spent.

I'm also very impressed about receiving a follow-up email from Ollie and Andi asking about my experience with the theme.

Good work! Thanks for making the concrete5 universe a little broader and easier to navigate.
Review posted by garyjhills on at

Simply Fantastic!!!

Once again a truly awesome theme from the peeps at Formigo. The theme is super easy to use and so ultra customisable.

The support is first class also. I had a few queries when I first purchased it and they were answered very quickly.

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