Issue with Power Slider in Natural Wood Theme

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Hi everyone,

I've installed the natural wood theme but am having difficulty with the power slider in the home page. I've attached a screen shot with what it looks like. Basically the images are appearing over the text which should be going below it.

I've tried clearing the cache but no luck. I've tried a few different images and they all have the same problem. Any suggestions?


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lpalmack replied on at Permalink Reply
Nevermind! I've figured it out.

alias007 replied on at Permalink Reply
how you has solved the problem ? have same problem thx
MichaelG replied on at Permalink Reply
Alias007: The most asked question I get - is roughly "My homepage doesn't look like yours and can't fit in the large image" - Please make sure you install all the page types included with the theme by going to "pages & themes" in the dashboard, and hitting "inspect" on this theme, then installing all the page types you're missing. After that - go to the homepage, and change the page type to "homepage"

More info can be found here:
lukasztuszynski replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I'done what you suggest in theme help but still have one issue left:

1. I changed page type to homepage (large header background appeared)
2. I added power slider
3. slider doesn't work properly - all slides are visible on the screen and no JS flow.

I attached screen from

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