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Welcome to Nova...

The Nova theme is ideal as a multi use website, Nova features a fully responsive design, meaning your site will look great whether your visitor uses a smartphone, tablet, desktop pc, or laptop. Nova also features the ability to use background images on a page by page basis, and customisation of all your sites highlight colours, backgrounds and text! Nova also features 9 custom blocks to help you build your site fast, Nova will make you and your business appear as professional as possible.

Theme features

  • Changeable background images.
  • Over 60 customisation options, change font colours and size, design highlight colours, site background, and background images.
  • Responsive design, smartphone and tablet friendly.
  • Responsive slider included
  • Front page blog feed, 3 column and 4 column versions.
  • Numerous custom templates for immersive styling.
  • Fully styled blog.
  • Choice of over 200 icons to use with your theme.
  • Drop down navigation
  • Lots of different layouts to use.
  • CSS3 and HTML5.
  • Over 40 minutes of detailed tutorial videos broken into bite sized videos.

Custom blocks

  • Responsive slider: A fully responsive slider block, with navigation buttons and captions.
  • Responsive carousel: Display upto 20 images in a responsive carousel, you can even link individual images to different pages.
  • Responsive YouTube: Add YouTube video to your site and make them fully responsive
  • Portfolio Block: Add portfolio entries quickly, and display the end result in an attractive captioned Lightbox.
  • Page divider: place a decoritive page divider to seperate content.
  • Button block: create a simple customisable button.
  • Call to action block: create a simple customisable Call to action.
  • Social Icons: Link upto 10 of the most popular social networks to your site.
  • Address block: Place a simple address block on your site.

A massive thank you to Concrete5 community member Jordanlev, who kindly provided all the back end code for the responsive slider featured in Nova, you can check out Jordan here

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