Here are some quick instructions on how to set up the theme like the demo site:

These instructions are for specifically version 5.4.2 and lower, but version 5.5 and higher should be similar:

  1. First, activate your theme under "Pages and Themes" in the dashboard. Also make sure you have the proper page types installed by clicking the "Inspect" button next to the theme, and if there are any page types with checkboxes, click on "Activate Files"
  2. The demo site home page uses the "Three Column Full" page type, which contains the three columns, and an full width area underneath. Openwork also comes with several other page types you can use depending on which layout you prefer.
  3. Follow instruction provided here to set up your logo.
  4. Next add an autonav block to the "Header Nav" area for the menu. If you want to have the dropdown, make sure that in the autonav block setting the "Sub Pages to Display" and "Sub-Page Levels" are both set to "Display All".
  5. Next add an image block to the header area, if you want to display a caption click on the image block and choose the "Openwork" custom template. To change the caption for an image, go to the image properties in the "File Manager" and edit the "Openwork Caption" property.
  6. Finally if you go to the "concrete5studio" page in the dashboard and click on the "Openwork" tab, you can set some options. You can hide or show the links in the footer, and you can also select custom pages to create a footer navigation menu. You can also choose a background tile which will replace the one that is currently used.

You can get more support here.